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Francesca Broadbent, Editor, RTCC Magazine

RTCC has been published for each of these conferences since COP 6 in The Hague. In that time we have see climate change move from very much a fringe issue with chance individuals resorting to throwing pies at delegates to get attention, and presumably momentum on the climate change debate.

How things have changed. There can be no doubt of the commitment of governments, nongovernmental organisations and business; and while there is still disagreement, there are also notable actions and changing priorities. This is clear from how the content structure for the articles within RTCC has changed, and the subjects companies are choosing to write about.

Evidently, there has been huge opportunity for business to flourish, with new organisations and individuals entering the area and expanding it. Research and development have produced increasingly innovative ways of generating energy and reducing emissions. And it’s not just about the new and interesting. Old technologies, products and fuels are also being revisited to see how they can be made more efficient.

Furthermore, pressure is coming from individuals. Concern for global warming issues now run so deep in the public consciousness, people are interested at home and at work. To reflect this, RTCC now has a section devoted to showing how companies are helping consumers make better choices with new products such as stoves and ever-more efficient lighting.

While climate change is seen as a market in itself, it’s more accurate to view it as part of the services industry. An environmental policy is becoming integral to every company’s operations, from the very small to the trans-national, as staff care about their impact and will take responsibility for it, even as they choose where and how they work.

Having an environmental awareness, and contributing to safeguarding our future, is not only ethical, it’s also good for business.

RTCC is accredited as an official observer to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change process. We are a nongovernmental organisation showcasing policies, innovations, technologies, products and services related to the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to the impacts of climate change. This guide and its website ( are important components of a global exchange of knowledge about how best to respond to global climate and developmental challenges.

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