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A new stove lights the way for reduced emissions and better quality of life

Damp Electric

In the rural areas of Brazil, the most common fuel is wood. Used today, as in ancient times, deep into the bush and far away from the cities, it is mostly used for heating. Heating is then used for cooking and to make water drinkable. In this micro-scale context, individuals or families can collect enough wood for their energy needs from around their homes, and not damage the environment in the process.

The traditional wood stoves used in these isolated areas are primitive and terribly inefficient, incurring energy losses of up to 90%. At the same time, these people do not generally have access to electricity and live in the dark, as they are not connected to conventional electrical grids.

A double function product

Damp Electric has recently developed and launched a double function product, designed to replace these wood stoves with a more energy efficient one, rescuing those forgotten people, without neglecting the need to reduce carbon emissions, as a proper response to the global climate change concerns.

The BMG LUX, a household biomass micro-thermal power cogeneration appliance, produces electricity while cooking. An average five to six hours of operation a day is enough to provide lighting to the house and power for the array of low consumption electrical apparatus, such as television, radio, DVD player, phone charger or laptop. It is a unique and revolutionary piece of equipment that saves up to half of the wood required in comparison to the traditional stoves.

The thermal, mechanical and electrical circuits can supply the cast iron cooking plate with enough heat for up to three flat pans. Simultaneously, they generate an electrical current which can be used directly or to be accumulated into a 12V-battery.

The key elements for energy efficiency are the special rocket-type design of the combustion chamber. It allows for the confinement and complete combustion of all gases produced by burning the firewood, and the external insulation of the chamber with rock wool. Besides that, the wood feeder at the entrance of the furnace has a door that is closed for most of the time and open only when more wood is required. A small and shallow passage allows for the necessary oxygen inflow for most appropriate level of combustion, as well as for the removal of the ashes.

Simple and safe operation and maintenance

BMG LUX has a simple conception and little need for special maintenance resources. It requires fuel (biomass), filling of a small water reservoir for the steam production, and regular refilling of the steam engine lubrication pot. Periodically, the soot retained under the cooking plate and the water filter of the reservoir need to be cleaned. As BMG LUX does not use any boiler or steam reservoir, and works at low pressure, it is totally safe to use in the house.

The smoke from combustion has a long and narrow path before being expelled through the chimney, so most of the soot and particles responsible for allergic and respiratory diseases fall under the cooking plate or are stuck to the plate and chimney. According to lab tests, the poison gases are totally burnt and, in particular, no carbon monoxide is detected in the kitchen. Moreover, less wood consumption reduces the time spent on cutting and collecting firewood.

The wider arena

As it cuts wood consumption by up half, it provides proportionally less carbon emissions and therefore works well with projects incorporating the Clean Development Mechanism.

Other renewable energy solutions for remote areas, like solar panels and wind turbines, are intermittent sources as they depend on the availability and intensity of sun or wind. BMG LUX complements these systems, extending their overall availability and service continuity capability. Furthermore, the total number of 12V-batteries required can be reduced.

At rural schools BMG LUX can help providing children with daily hot meals to decrease sub-nutrition, school evasion and produce enough power to support a small computer lab, TV courses and night classes for adult literacy.

DAMP ELECTRIC ( is an innovative engineering and manufacturing business, dedicated to the research and development of new products and services to the electricity markets, with particular emphasis on promoting access to electricity, creating and supporting new technologies for the rational and sustainable use of energy, for a better world. It helps provide more efficient and reliable solutions which:

  • Increase power generation using local, small-scale renewable energy sources;
  • Extend bulk power transmission grids using higher efficiency systems (High SIL lines);
  • Serve the power distribution industry using intelligent energy management systems;
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