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Dr Rajendra Pachauri: Time to forget governments and use people power to fight climate change

By Ed King

The world’s leading climate scientist says governments’ reluctance to tackle the causes of climate change means they should be bypassed in favour of global ‘people power’.

Climate change was marginalised at the Rio+20 talks, in an apparent attempt by the hosts Brazil to make coming to a final agreement as straightforward as possible – mindful of how controversial the topic has become.

Rajendra Pachauri, the chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says that the experience of Rio proves that the political will to take action simply isn’t there – and argues that a new form of activism is the only answer.

“I would submit that the time has come that we shouldn’t really wait for governments,” he said.

“Governments will of course have to play their own role – but what we really need to rely on is creating awareness among the people, so that each one of us in our own way should start treating this problem as serious – and meeting the challenge that confronts us today.

“Climate change was officially not on the agenda for Rio, but there is no getting away from the fact that everything that is being discussed [in Rio] is intimately connected with climate change.

“So I think it would be totally unrealistic to believe that we can talk about a green economy, sustainable development or the problem of poverty without dealing with the issues connected with climate change.

“Climate change is in a sense the 10-tonne gorilla which is in the room and you’re not going to get rid of him easily.”

The IPCC will publish its 5th Assessment Report into the knowledge on the scientific, technical and socio-economic aspects of climate change in 2013.

VIDEO: Dr Rajendra Pachauri at launch of Climate Change Task Force Statement on Action to Face the Urgent Realities of Climate Change

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  • Windy

    He’s right. A good start would be to impeach the carbon trading and cabon tax government criminals. Cheaper energy means more power to more people and more freedom. Let freedom ring! Let the revolution begin by overthrowing the communist run power mad EPA today. :-) The 5th assessment of the IPCC will be nothing but political nonsense from crap scientists chosen not for competence but for skin color, national origin and gender. The IPCC has turned itself into a joke.

  • Parma John

    So, do we now get a name change? After all, I believe the “Intergovernmental” part means that there are governments paying Pachauri’s bills and putting him in the limelight. Can I get my money back, now that the IPCC will not be working for governments any more?

    How’s this: IPCC = International People’s Conference of the Confused?

  • Chris Shaw

    What a nonsense. Every time the people have sought to organise to create a better future for themselves, free of the stranglehold of corporate power, their political servants have sent in the secret agents of the state to disrupt such attempts at challenging corporate dominance. And if that fails the state resorts to violence. Pachauri is offering a fairy tale view of the world.

  • Robert Pujol

    A lot of people live from fossil fuel. The industry needed a lot of energy, but not only because it needed more and more resources. When you talk about this item with people, they are sure to defend ecologi. But when you talk about to ajust the level life, they say No No No.
    Politics live of ours tributes, and not act like a parent who wants the best for their children else as the grandfather that consent whims. There aren’t government to lower the possibility of consumption of the population, or upset the industry that gives work to earn money or banks that give credit for and consume less energy producers that make this move.

    Ofcourse all is made for the glory of benefit.

  • John Carter

    Having completely failed to substantiate the lies and propaganda he has pushed in his time at IPCC, he now suggests that activism is the key to further establishing his agenda worldwide.
    He has corrupted climate science, yet he still has the ears of the media and the environmental zealots.
    The right way to deal with the issue of changing climate is to accept and adapt as mankind has always done. The science is slowly but surely showing that there is no catastrophe waiting around the corner and that the changes in climate we continue to observe are, in the main, natural and cyclical.
    Time for Pachauri to stand down and enjoy the fruits of his deceptions which have made him a very rich man.

  • Guy Leech

    Rajendra Pachauri is not “The world’s leading climate scientist” as Ed King reports in this article. He is not a climate scientists at all, he is a former railway engineer with a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Economics from North Carolina State University. His views, and the IPCC’s, on climate change are at odds with the facts and should not be taken seriously.

    • joe gough

      Totally agree with Guy. As Tony Thomas wrote in “The fictive world of Rajendra Pachauri, “The IPCC’s Himalaya forecast was based on nothing more than speculation by an Indian scientist, Syed Hasnain, in an Indian eco-magazine in April 1999, recycled into the New Scientist and then into a report in 2005 by the activist group WWF. The grey-lit WWF report was then cited in the IPCC’s draft glacier chapter in 2007…

      Link below


  • Bill Koutalianos

    Dear Dr Pauchauri, did you hear the one about “The delinquent teenager who was mistaken for the world’s top climate expert”?

  • Luca

    the IPCC is an organization to which scientists contribute their work on a voluntary basis


    and Pachauri may not be the top climate scientist, but the Working group deals with the solutions, technology and economy! what’s more important than that?