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Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & UAE make mysterious climate pledge

By Ed King
RTCC in Doha

Four Gulf States have broken with tradition and claim to be ready to submit an emission reduction plan to the UN climate convention.

UN climate summit hosts Qatar, together with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates say they are ready to submit Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), but have not said when they will do it or how ambitious these will be.

The four countries represent around 27% of the world’s proven oil reserves and 12% of its gas.

In a statement sent to the UNFCCC they say: “Some countries have special circumstances that have made them reluctant to formally submit the domestic actions they are taking or plan to undertake to the Convention for recognition.

“For some countries, high economic reliance on hydrocarbon production puts mitigation actions potentially in conflict with national development objectives.”

Reacting to the statement, Nick Mabey from environmental organisation E3G said: “The optimistic interpretation is that this ambiguous pledge represents a shift of Gulf countries to realise they must move to a low carbon diversified economy.

“But until we see some substance on top of these expressions of intent we won’t know how serious they are and if this truly signals a new era of cooperation in the Gulf.”



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  • Jack W. Scott

    Saudi Arabia is at the intelligent phase of it’s historical development, much as the U.S. was in 1776. The U.S. has entered the morally dissolute phase of it’s history, much as Rome did, Americans watch disgusting displays of violence on such as “Bloopers” and others and are permissive of sins and moral variants, notice the recent marijuana and gay marriage law changes. All this is to say is that the Saudis are Smart, they face reality, while millions of Americans pray on Sunday, watching the worst of sinners’ productions on television the rest of the time, and hide from plain facts about the environment. The Facts that the Saudis have the courage to face, even though it is quite difficult for them to do so. Fortunately, these wealthy Arabs have not much worry about material wealth and many of the smart ones are still relatively young, giving us a wealth of common sense on many issues that we should enjoy!