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Nuclear key to UN climate deal say France and UK

Joint statement says atomic power will play “critical role” in cost-effective low carbon transition


The French and British governments say nuclear energy will lie at the heart of ensuring the world weans itself off carbon polluting fossil fuels.

A statement released after a day of meetings between UK Prime Minister David Cameron and France President Francois Hollande says nuclear power has a “critical role to play in a cost-effective low carbon transition”.

It adds: “Today, we reiterated our resolve to work together towards achieving an ambitious and legally-binding agreement at the next COP in Paris in 2015, and to support an EU-wide emissions reduction target of at least 40% by 2030.”

Excellent meeting with my French counterpart Phillipe Martin: UK & France working together for ambitious EU climate change package
— Edward Davey (@EdwardDaveyMP) January 31, 2014

The UK and France supported a recent EU decision to aim for a 40% decarbonisation target for 2030, which was opposed by some smaller countries and the region’s energy commissioner Gunther Oettinger.

But both also opposed a high renewable energy target. The UK has aspirations to develop its shale gas reserves, while France has a huge nuclear sector.

Earlier today the UK’s largest nuclear site was closed after a radiation alarm was triggered by what officials say was a rise in ‘naturally occurring’ radon gas

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  • Say NO 2 Nuclear

    Limited short term savings in CO2 can never justify nuclear power’s potential to destroy irreplaceable eco systems on which we ourselves ultimately depend. Only vested interests can sustain pro nuclear economics through externalkisation of costs and government subsidies @SayNo2Nuclear

    • say no to CO2

      short term CO2 savings from “renewables” like wind and solar which heavily depend on coal&gas backup can never justify the amount of damage these backups which will evnetually run every time the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow do to the environment.

      we must stop polluting the atmosphere ASAP and there’s no way doing it without nuclear power. the externalized costs of climate change outweigh the costs, both economic and ecologic, of any possible (and very very unlikely) nuclear desaster by a million times.

    • Say Yes to Facts

      Check your facts. Not even Chernobyl destroyed any ecosystems. It at worst displaces humans, making it unlivable to us (b/c of increase cancer risk) but that hardly matters to the ecosystem. If anything nuclear disasters benefit the ecosystems because it removes any human interference to that area anymore.

      Also isn’t immediate short term action what all environmentalists say we need? “If we don’t decrease emissions by X by 20YY…then temperatures will rise by..” Sound like immediate action is needed.