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Scientists warn against geoengineering as short-term climate fix

NEWS: ‘Irresponsible’ to rely on techniques to strip carbon or reflect sunlight to slow global warming, EU analysis concludes

Could geoengineering make climate change worse?

NEWS: Resorting to geoengineering to tackle climate change would be an admission of failure, UK scientists say

Geoengineering: Pumping iron into oceans could backfire

NEWS: Iron fertilisation of oceans stimulates carbon sucking plankton, but could also lead to rise in CO2 emitting sea-life

Why we need to stop talking about 'geoengineering'

COMMENT: Lumping all ‘geoengineering’ techniques under one label risks making sensible options guilty by association

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Geoengineering creeps from sci-fi to reality

ANALYSIS: Scientists, artists and policymakers pondered whether to hack the planet at a meeting in Berlin this week

Geoengineering lacks popular support say researchers

Scientists are increasingly looking to more radical schemes to curb global warming, but the more radical proposals are not liked by the general public

UN climate experts warn geoengineering may be essential

Thursday’s top 5: World may need to suck CO2 out of air, China becomes one of world’s largest historical emitters, senators push for Keystone approval

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Geoengineering could disrupt monsoons say scientists

Geo-engineering could lower global temperatures but could also damage seasonal rainfall patterns, a study says

Russia urges UN's IPCC climate report to include geoengineering

Guardian: Russian government is asking for ‘planet hacking’ to be included in the climate science report, leaked documents show

Geoengineering 'parasols' could protect world's coral reefs

The world’s coral reefs are under threat. Some scientists say doses of cloud brightening could provide a solution to the problem.

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Geoengineering could cause drought in Sahel

Attempts to tackle climate change by altering the atmosphere could even trigger disaster in a drought-prone region of Africa, a study suggests

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Geoengineering could create more questions than answers

Even if the science brought about a quick fix for climate change, political and ethical obstacles could be hard to overcome

Climate geoengineering: Is crushed rock the answer?

Marine experts in Germany conclude crushed minerals dropped in oceans could absorb significant quantities of carbon dioxide

UN agreement urges caution over geoengineering tests

CBD COP11: Small scale experiments with scientific value can continue, but funds must not be directed away from climate change mitigation efforts

Climate Live: Global geoengineering scheme would cost $5bn a year; Shell gets green light for Arctic drilling

The costs of a geoengineering scheme to deflect solar radiation has been estimated in a new scientific paper; UN Bangkok climate talks continue and Shell is told it can drill tests wells off the coast of Alaska but full scale drilling will have to wait till its spill response plan is approved.

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Geoengineering scheme could “balance global warming” in a world with double pre-industrial CO2

“Marine cloud-brightening” method to trigger cloud formation by spraying sea water into the atmosphere could reflect enough solar radiation away from earth to negate effects of climate change.

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Climate Live: Are diamonds the new weapon of choice for geoengineering? Romney's running mate's environmental record unveiled

Diamond particles could be a safer geoengineering aerosol than sulphur and Paul Ryan’s fossil fuel subsidy packed budget proposal and anti-environment voting record cause concern.

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Zero net emissions: will leaders agree target at UN climate summit?

NEWS: Calls for long term carbon cutting strategy grow louder as countries prepare for Ban Ki-moon meeting

No country will escape climate impacts, warns Ministry of Defence

NEWS: Rising sea levels, drought and food shortages likely to increase without cut in climate warming gases

IPCC WG3: Reaction as UN launches third climate report

NEWS: Views from John Kerry, Christiana Figueres, Ed Davey plus leading NGOs and business groups

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