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NEWS: A deal to phase out potent greenhouse gases used for air conditioning and fridges is within reach but Saudi Arabia is concerned substitutes will not work

NEWS: UN’s draft development agenda contains climate goal, but NGOs concerned it could be dropped

NEWS: Latest blow means rich countries need to deliver on finance and emission cuts in 2015 warns Wylbur Simuusa

NEWS: Australia may have repealed its carbon tax, but the country’s biggest export markets are moving the other way

NEWS: US and China cooperation offers hope of success in Paris next year, says Ville Niinisto

NEWS: Top climate change official Rachel Kyte says Australia’s decision to ditch carbon price won’t change international picture

NEWS: Government move to stop funding cheap petrol and diesel hailed as major progress by World Bank’s Rachel Kyte

ANALYSIS: Another UN climate deal will be signed off in March 2105 – and no one’s fighting about it. How is this possible?

NEWS: Peruvian law could damage rainforests and indigenous rights, undermining credibility ahead of UN climate talks

NEWS: Iconic campaigners draw on Nelson Mandela’s legacy in an appeal to world leaders to tackle poverty and climate change

NEWS: Days after quitting government, former environment minister Owen Paterson agrees to address climate sceptic gathering

NEWS: Burning fossil fuels is drying out Australia, new research shows, as government axes carbon tax

NEWS: UK energy secretary warns that right-wing parties could destabilise the climate for investment in energy, including renewables

NEWS: Venezuelan NGOs have accused their government of hypocrisy on climate change, at a civil society meeting ahead of global talks

NEWS: The growing green bond market could stimulate low carbon investment and complement the divestment movement, says think-tank

NEWS: RTCC rounds up the world’s response to Australia’s repeal of its carbon tax

NEWS: After a thwarted attempt last week, the Australian senate has now repealed a levy on climate polluters

NEWS: Europe must speak “with one voice” at global climate talks in Paris next year, says Finnish minister

NEWS: In a sign of the growing popularity of green bonds, KfW’s first offering was oversubscribed

NEWS: Petersberg Climate Dialogue in Berlin ends on positive note, as Hendrickssays world is on track to sign deal