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ANALYSIS: Launched to great fanfare in Fortaleza, opinion is mixed on whether the emerging economy fund will be a force for good

NEWS: Energy secretary Ed Davey has seen off calls to weaken pollution controls, reaffirming the UK’s green ambitions

NEWS: A deal to phase out potent greenhouse gases used for air conditioning and fridges is within reach but Saudi Arabia is concerned substitutes will not work

NEWS: Top climate change official Rachel Kyte says Australia’s decision to ditch carbon price won’t change international picture

NEWS: UK energy secretary warns that right-wing parties could destabilise the climate for investment in energy, including renewables

NEWS: The growing green bond market could stimulate low carbon investment and complement the divestment movement, says think-tank

NEWS: After a thwarted attempt last week, the Australian senate has now repealed a levy on climate polluters

NEWS: In a sign of the growing popularity of green bonds, KfW’s first offering was oversubscribed

NEWS: Apple has reduced its carbon impact by 3% and admits “there’s still a lot of work to be done”

NEWS: Row over board membership means European funds cannot be used in flagship low carbon finance mechanism

NEWS: Oil company Shell is failing to account for long term climate risks, according to detailed analysis from the Carbon Tracker Initiative

NEWS: More than US$20 billion worth of green bonds have been issued since the start of 2014

NEWS: Green policies are not driving UK businesses abroad as critics claim, say leading academics

NEWS: A newly formed UK Arctic Committee is putting controversial oil drilling plans under the microscope

NEWS: Official panel recommends Glasgow follows other academic institutions in ditching oil and gas investments

NEWS: Diverting fossil fuel subsidies into low carbon technology could bridge the green investment gap, say researchers

NEWS: Environmental and social risks should be integrated into investment strategies says influential body

NEWS: Renewables investment needs to double to prevent runaway climate change, a leading industry body has warned

NEWS: Oslo meeting marks start of effort to raise $15 billion for mitigation and adaptation effortd by end of 2014

NEWS: Despite recent falls in low carbon investment, potential for green businesses to flourish is growing across the world