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INTERVIEW: Carbon markets cut emissions at the right price, says Dirk Forrister, and next month’s summit is a chance to get public support

COMMENT: Physical and mental health are at risk from climate change, warns professor in plea to Australian government

NEWS: Large-scale divestment from fossil fuels remains a challenge, say Bloomberg analysts, with a lack of clean alternatives

NEWS: Renewables investments set to rise slowly on continent as countries explore potential for wind, solar and geothermal

NEWS: Report from leading REDD donors Norway warns of ‘growing perception’ countries are missing out on millions

SKETCH: Green start-ups can win big money in the EU-backed Climate-KIC competition. But are the judges after style or substance?

NEWS: Tar sands and deep sea oil projects are bad for business as well as the environment, analysts warn

NEWS: A Swedish bank is beating major global players as top underwriter to the green bond market

NEWS: New data from Bloomberg offers positive outlook for Central America renewables investments

NEWS: Hydropower is a key plank of US$5 billion World Bank investment in electricity for Africa

NEWS: Governor Jay Inslee prepares second attempt at developing cap and trade scheme in north west state

NEWS: Joint working agreement between Mexico and California covers carbon pricing, renewable energy and deforestation

NEWS: Pressure on UN-backed body increases as it searches for initial capitalization of $15 billion

ANALYSIS: Launched to great fanfare in Fortaleza, opinion is mixed on whether the emerging economy fund will be a force for good

NEWS: Energy secretary Ed Davey has seen off calls to weaken pollution controls, reaffirming the UK’s green ambitions

NEWS: A deal to phase out potent greenhouse gases used for air conditioning and fridges is within reach but Saudi Arabia is concerned substitutes will not work

NEWS: Top climate change official Rachel Kyte says Australia’s decision to ditch carbon price won’t change international picture

NEWS: UK energy secretary warns that right-wing parties could destabilise the climate for investment in energy, including renewables

NEWS: The growing green bond market could stimulate low carbon investment and complement the divestment movement, says think-tank

NEWS: After a thwarted attempt last week, the Australian senate has now repealed a levy on climate polluters