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NEWS: 130 companies liable for carbon pollution penalties under Direct Action Plan, which opens with A$1.55 billion budget

NEWS: ADB says focus will be on finance readiness, so countries can apply for Green Climate Fund backing later this year

ANALYSIS: Funding low carbon investments in developing countries lies at the core of UN talks – but it’s not impossible

NEWS: Household solar systems in Japan and US accounted for $21.2bn of investments in Q1 of 2014

ANALYSIS: Costs of global transition to clean energy sources smaller than expected, and could offer huge benefits

NEWS: Businesses are starting to understand climate risks, says Paul Polman, but governments are failing to respond

NEWS: China’s sixth regional carbon market prepares further ground for a national carbon market

NEWS: carbon credit surplus hindering Europe’s emissions trading scheme from operating effectively, say analysts

NEWS: Fossil fuel giant says ‘stranded assets’ are not a risk to the company, as the world needs all its oil

NEWS: Bill payers will receive a welcome bank account boost this month, as state’s carbon policies start to pay off

NEWS: placing a dollar cost on potential climate threats proved hard for IPCC scientists and economists

COMMENT: What if cost of environmental damage caused by businesses were subtracted from their profits?

ANALYSIS: UN climate deal hangs on the launch of a new green fund – but splits at board level could see this delayed

EU parliament votes overwhelmingly for partial ban on potent greenhouse gases used in fridges and airconditioners

Virgin Group’s founder weighs in to debate about company shareholders’ views on climate change

State of emergency called in Riau region of Indonesia, as data shows 52% of fires originated in palm oil and logging land

UN climate chief Christiana Figueres says board must ensure financial mechanism opens in 2014

Two new studies highlight the supposed risks of long-term investment in fossil fuels

EU negotiators agree tentative deal that stops the clock longer on emissions trading for intercontinental flights

New head of UN’s main carbon offset scheme says a global climate deal could revive market