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Climate change is a matter of human rights, agrees UN

NEWS: Geneva-based Human Rights Council adopts resolution to help world’s most vulnerable countries in face of global warming

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Pakistan and India 'unprepared' for heatwaves

COMMENT: There are clear links between government communication and fewer deaths from heat stroke. Ministers must do better.

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When will China's greenhouse gas emissions level out?

ANALYSIS: Rate of economic growth and success in slashing carbon intensity will determine if and when China meets 2030 target

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Warming above 1.5C will overwhelm islands, says Maldives minister

COMMENT: Proposed UN climate change pact will only be a success if it manages to secure radical carbon cuts ahead of 2020

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Euroland: psyched and ready for climate charm offensive

ANALYSIS: The EU has its climate negotiating priorities set out on six foot banners, but will it get its way in Paris?

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UN climate talks and the Paris deal: A bluffer's guide

ANALYSIS: It’s a treaty like no other, that will transform the world economy – if 196 nations can ever agree, that is

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Why should you care about the Sustainable Development Goals?

ANALYSIS: Revamped version of Millennium poverty-busting plan can protect the climate, but experts say it needs cash

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It's not about numbers, it's about love

COMMENT: To count the people on the streets of London for yesterday’s mass climate lobby misses the point, writes Louise Gray

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Pope takes climate debate mainstream in bullish intervention

ANALYSIS: ‘We may well be leaving to coming generations debris, desolation and filth’, Pope Francis tells flock of 1.2 billion

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What does the Pope's encyclical mean for the climate fight?

COMMENT: Pope Francis’ unequivocal call to arms will reverberate globally in acting on climate change says IIED’s Camilla Toulmin

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Greening the world energy mix in 9 graphs

ANALYSIS: The International Energy Agency has published a special report on climate change: what does it tell us about energy emissions?

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A global carbon market could be a silver bullet for climate change

COMMENT: Making the polluter pay would spur “dash to renewables” hauling the developing world out of fossil fuel-dictated poverty

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Why the G7 must be Canada's climate change wake-up call

COMMENT: Forced to play ball in Germany, Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper must now meet his promises

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Heavy polluters must deliver at UN climate talks in Bonn

COMMENT: Small island states are setting the pace, says Maldives foreign minister, but need big emitters to follow

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New climate change laws are spreading faster than ever

COMMENT: With 75% of global emissions now covered by national targets, a UN emissions cutting pact is within reach

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Through the looking glass: transparency in a UN climate deal

COMMENT: Clear and regular information on national climate plans is vital to overcome a lack of trust at global talks

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Double counting forest emissions threatens UN climate pact

COMMENT: To have a chance of limiting warming to below 2 degrees, emissions balance sheets submitted to the UN must add up

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China’s national carbon market: When, where and how?

ANALYSIS: Traders are banking on Beijing’s plans for a national carbon market being a success, but challenges in its design remain

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Oil giants support for UN climate pact signals change in strategy

ANALYSIS: Top hydrocarbon producers seem to accept a global deal will be done in Paris – the question is can they limit its damage?

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Is natural gas really a bridge to a greener future?

ANALYSIS: Gas firms say they’re cleaner than coal and offer a low carbon climate friendly source of energy, but that’s just part of the story

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