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'Tsunami of litigation' against Obama climate plan will fail, say NGOs

NEWS: Curbs on power plant emissions on solid legal foundation, say legal experts at environmental groups

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Why climate change is humanity’s defining challenge

COMMENT: Maldives foreign secretary addresses UN security council during special session on development in small island states

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John Ashton: We have too little democracy in the UK

COMMENT: Political expediency and commercial opportunism driving fossil fuel exploration, says UK’s former chief climate diplomat

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What can we expect from India's climate pledge?

ANALYSIS: New Delhi is expected to submit its plans to the UN in September, balancing carbon cuts with development

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Ahead of Paris, Russia becomes a climate policy wallflower

ANALYSIS: Moscow is politely absent from the climate debate, showing indifference rather than hostility to a global deal

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How should we channel future climate adaptation funding?

COMMENT: Finance needs to flow to the most vulnerable. To to this we need to understand who’s at risk and where the money should go

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Why developed countries should back loss and damage in Paris

COMMENT: The costs of tackling failed states as a result of climate impacts could be far higher than investing in adequate insurance now

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Conflicted messages lie at heart of UK climate policy

ANALYSIS: London wants an ambitious 2015 Paris deal but is sending mixed signals to other 194 countries at negotiations

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Vague national climate plans pose a transparency problem

ANALYSIS: South Korea comes out well and Russia badly in a direct comparison of emissions targets, finds Gerard Wynn

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Mr President, Africa needs your climate leadership in Paris

COMMENT: On eve of Kenya visit, head of Pan Africa Climate Justice Alliance asks US president to boost green funds for his continent

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Five reasons the UK centre-right should back a UN climate pact

COMMENT: Key trade partners are likely to be impacted by global warming: it’s a national interest to cut emissions argues Ben Caldecott

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China: climate change hero or villain?

COMMENT: There’s no denying China’s growing responsibility for global emissions, but the signs are it is moving to a greener future

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Why are big EU polluters moaning about carbon leakage?

ANALYSIS: Industries like cement and steel threaten to move jobs overseas if the price of emissions rises, in a challenge to climate goals

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The trillion-dollar question: How do we create sustainable development?

COMMENT: Making the financial system work for the world’s poor is about more than just sending more money, says Achim Steiner

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8 lessons from a climate change tour of the US

From Washington to Hawaii: It’s no use waiting for consensus, cowboys don’t get it and change isn’t easy, even in paradise

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What could a legally binding UN climate deal look like?

ANALYSIS: Countries agreed to target a ‘legally binding’ climate pact in 2011, but four years later it’s still not clear how it will work

Comment & Analysis, Policy
How do scientists rate the prospect of a global climate deal?

ANALYSIS: 2,000 of science’s best minds mingled this week in the last meeting of its size before December’s crunch Paris summit

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New Zealand CAN do more to cut emissions - here's how

COMMENT: Government claims the country can do little more to green its electricity sector are not true, say leading academics

Comment & Analysis
How to talk about uncertainty in climate science

COMMENT: As climate scientists meet in Paris this week, COIN has top tips for expressing the uncertain without pandering to sceptics

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Could Cuban detente bring a new energy dawn?

ANALYSIS: As the communist island and the US restore relations, there are opportunities for clean power and offshore oil

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