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Media coverage of UN climate science reports: why it matters

ANALYSIS: Is climate change an uncertain science, ideological struggle or opportunity? The way it is framed in the media affects public perception

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Hurricane Katrina to Cyclone Pam: whose losses count more?

COMMENT: All countries are not equal when it comes to coping with disasters, and some will suffer more as climate impacts intensify

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EU energy union fails to tackle falling industrial efficiency

ANALYSIS: European leaders seem unaware that energy intensity in the steel, cement and chemicals industries has stalled or increased

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Should the Green Climate Fund back waste to energy plants?

COMMENT: Burning trash is polluting, expensive and inefficient say zero waste campaigners, and should not receive backing from low carbon funds

Comment & Analysis, Energy
Solar Express: Can India's rail network hit its clean energy target?

COMMENT: Cheap, clean and easy to install, a solar push by India’s railways offers huge potential if deployed effectively

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Climate politics waters down ambition of UN disaster risk deal

NEWS: As climate impacts start to bite, lack of funding assurances split rich and poor at key disaster summit in Sendai

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Shell's climate change strategy: narcissistic, paranoid, and psychopathic

COMMENT: In an open letter to Shell’s Ben Van Beurden, the UK’s former top climate envoy says now is the time for him to show leadership

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How significant is news that CO2 energy emissions stalled in 2014?

COMMENT: No one silver bullet can be credited for a pause in emission growth last year – it was the result of a myriad of factors writes Richard Black

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Under the Dome: Is this China’s version of Silent Spring?

COMMENT: Chai Jing’s film about Chinese pollution could have a long lasting impact, despite government efforts to delete it from the internet

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"Second wave" of climate pledges to UN deal expected in September

ANALYSIS: New study shows a third of 81 surveyed countries have not started work yet on contribution to Paris pact

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Christiana Figueres: We need a climate deal for the people of Guiuan

COMMENT: UN climate chief says recent visit to typhoon-hit Philippines demonstrates why a deal to curb global warming in Paris is essential

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The EU's attempt to take leadership at UN climate talks is lame

COMMENT: Brussels wins the prize for announcing its climate pledge first, but it has missed an opportunity to ensure Paris helps poorer countries

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Big questions loom for UN's IPCC climate science panel

ANALYSIS: As IPCC gathers for a week of soul-searching, scientists suggest something must be done about mammoth reports

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As sea levels rise, climate change threatens entire Pacific cultures

COMMENT: In the first of a series of columns from the Marshall Islands, poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner reflects on the cultural dimensions of climate change

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High ambitions, low on details: Can the Greens crack Westminster?

ANALYSIS: UK greens hope to copy success of European cousins, but questions remain over how ambitious policies will be funded

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Louise Gray: Call me a hack, just don’t call me an environmentalist

COMMENT: Why do environmental journalists get accused of being campaigners if they point out climate change is happening?

Comment & Analysis
Should journalists become climate change campaigners?

BLOG: Global warming is a threat, but complex subject matter and lack of regular climatic events makes covering it a challenge, say leading reporters

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Kyoto Protocol: 10 years of the world's first climate change treaty

ANALYSIS: Hailed as an answer to global warming, the UN’s flagship climate treaty failed to curb carbon emissions, so what will its legacy be?

Comment & Analysis
China’s carbon emissions: did they really fall in 2014?

ANALYSIS: Reports suggest the world’s largest carbon polluter could be close to an emissions peak. But can we trust the data?

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UN agrees new climate text for Paris deal, but hard work remains

ANALYSIS: Six days of talks in Geneva conclude with huge set of proposals for Paris pact, observers say narrowing down options will be challenging

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