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El Nino likely to ensure 2015 breaks warming records

ANALYSIS: Rising temperatures linked to phenomenon could add weight to calls for tough new climate deal in Paris this year

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Will the Paris business summit mobilise support for climate action?

ANALYSIS: Business chiefs will showcase low carbon plans this week, but concerns persist they are giving cover to polluting sectors

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India: No place for dissent in world's biggest democracy

ANALYSIS: Is Greenpeace crackdown a plan of Modi government to stifle alternative voices under the cover of national interest?

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Are climate scientists cowed by sceptics?

ANALYSIS: Academic Stephan Lewandowsky says barrage of criticism has seeped into research, leading experts to frame climate facts as uncertain

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Will a Paris climate change pact have any teeth?

ANALYSIS: What requirements will a proposed 2015 global warming deal place on countries? It’s a question exercising top legal minds

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Beyond carbon pricing: Five ways to green economies

ANALYSIS: Taxing or trading emissions will not solve climate change alone, says the World Bank, so what else is needed?

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Coal set to dominate as Myanmar mulls energy strategy

ANALYSIS: Free from direct military rule since 2012, Myanmar is embarking on ambitious energy reforms, but renewables look set to miss out

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Can Latin America blaze a trail towards a Paris climate deal?

ANALYSIS: Regardless of size or political orientation, governments are actively seeking to be part of the climate change solution, say experts

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Australia likened to Saudi Arabia in plea to quit coal habit

ANALYSIS: UN climate chief urges Canberra to follow Gulf example on renewables as policymakers slash clean energy ambition

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George Marshall: We need to engage the Tories on climate change

COMMENT: Green groups must stop ignoring the elephant in the room: a huge mass of centre right voters who hold the power of change

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US frackers vulnerable in face of falling oil prices

ANALYSIS: US shale drillers may be vulnerable to oil price below $50, even while investment shows no sign of slowing

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Business eyes place at Paris climate summit top table

ANALYSIS: France’s offer to business and regions to provide solutions could be a game changer if hosts can get round to working out a plan

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Saleemul Huq: Ditching 2C warming goal will condemn millions

COMMENT: Moves are afoot to lower expectations ahead of upcoming Paris deal, with long term costs for the planet

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Is development the best kind of climate adaptation?

ANALYSIS: Experts debate whether reducing poverty should take priority over preparing for specific future changes to the climate

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Human rights focus can strengthen Paris climate deal

COMMENT: Climate change may constitute the most serious challenge to the fulfilment of human rights in our world today

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Three steps to build a greener and climate resilient India

COMMENT: India’s cities are famed for their pollution, but it doesn’t have to be this way with clever planning

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Vatican prepares for climate fight, but real foe is decades old

ANALYSIS: Pope Francis’ desire to address global warming is undoubted, but Papal desire to curb poverty and protect creation is not new

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A 7-step plan to avoid stranding your fossil fuel assets

BLOG: Most coal, oil and gas must stay in the ground to avert climate disaster. What is an energy company to do? We’re here to help

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Lampedusa tragedy shows need for humane climate migration plan

COMMENT: Climate change will result in more people crossing borders; they must be given a safe, legal route to do so

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Yeb Sano: Why I'm leaving diplomacy to fight climate change

COMMENT: Former chief Philippines climate negotiator announces he is stepping down to work on sustainable future with faith groups around world

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