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ANALYSIS: Twelve months on from the battle of Balcombe, Britain is little closer to exploiting its shale gas reserves

COMMENT: A successful UN climate deal in 2015 will require guaranteed flows of support for climate vulnerable countries, writes Saleemul Huq

ANALYSIS: Launched to great fanfare in Fortaleza, opinion is mixed on whether the emerging economy fund will be a force for good

COMMENT: As churches and universities divest from fossil fuels, it’s time for the cultural industries to follow suit

COMMENT: As European officials consider an energy efficiency target for 2030, two experts look at why and how it could be useful

COMMENT: Rising tides threaten the country’s future, but a resilient population is thriving despite adversity, writes Saleemul Huq

NEWS: Country’s emissions have soared in past two decades, but government believes cuts can boost competitiveness

ANALYSIS: Jean-Claude Juncker has his eye fixed on Europe’s economy, but climate looms large on the EU agenda

COMMENT: Former chief UK climate diplomat says China must look to the earth to rediscover its dreams for the future

COMMENT: East Coast state’s new climate change law shows legislators must deal with mitigation and adaptation together

COMMENT: Claims of NATO chief that Russia is behind shale gas protests is a sign of the movement’s success, says UK’s only Green MP

ANALYSIS: CCS has few powerful supporters, neglected by green groups and fossil fuel companies

COMMENT: Small island states were excluded from the UN’s ‘loss and damage’ committee; it’s time they are invited to the table

COMMENT: Case for a UN development goal on climate change is stronger than ever, but topic still faces exclusion

Analysis: China cuts carbon intensity for ninth successive year, but may still miss 2020 target

COMMENT: We should ‘climate proof’ the land to prevent some of the tragedies of a warmer world, says UN desertification chief

COMMENT: Countries of Caucuses and Central Asia are the unsung heroes in the fight against climate change

COMMENT: Agriculture is linked to 20% of greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s not receiving attention from governments

ANALYSIS: Proposed EPA rule on power sector emissions gets closer to EU climate ambition

COMMENT: It’s not the water, it’s the salt: why civil society campaigners are still in the UN climate negotiations