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COMMENT: Former UK chief climate diplomat John Ashton reflects on what campaigners can learn from St Cuthbert

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ANALYSIS: Shale gas can help address climate change say UN panel, but will have to be cut substantially by 2050

NEWS: Views from John Kerry, Christiana Figueres, Ed Davey plus leading NGOs and business groups

ANALYSIS: Image of scientists bickering with Richard Tol weakened public perception of consensus within IPCC

FEATURE: The Earth entered uncharted territory when CO2 levels hit 400ppm for the first time. So what does the milestone mean?

COMMENT: China’s hunger for Latin American resources is strengthening dirty industries and curbing enthusiasm for climate treaty

COMMENT: UN climate science study surprised few, but warnings of serious impacts could drive UN talks forward

COMMENT: Stronger links between business, academia and the public sector are essential to thrive in a warming world, writes Climate-KIC’s Mary Ritter

COMMENT: Cash flows from rich to poor remain slow, but developing nations aren’t wasting time waiting

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COMMENT: Leaders must put aside polished negotiating positions and look each other in the eye, says Christopher Loeak

COMMENT: What if cost of environmental damage caused by businesses were subtracted from their profits?

ANALYSIS: risks linked to warming above 2C likely to be unpredictable and dangerous, says IPCC report

COMMENT: Climate realists say a legally binding UN deal won’t work – but they’re on the wrong side of history says E3G’s Liz Gallagher

COMMENT: past UN climate chiefs reflect on the negotiating process, and outline where they see progress

ANALYSIS: new data indicates country’s coal pollution could be on a long-term, downward trajectory