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Latest news from COP19, Warsaw

ANALYSIS: Not all youths protest. Some have become part of official government delegations. What can they achieve?

NEWS: Ideas flood in on how Warsaw’s loss and damage mechanism could limit damage to the world’s most vulnerable

Current head of international negotiations says developing nations will need to deliver emission reduction plans by 2015

Loss and damage mechanism was a victory for developing countries, but its success will depend on work done in months ahead experts tell RTCC

Coal lobbyist Milton Catelin says Christiana Figueres is too focused on climate change and misunderstands energy sector

Christiana Figueres, Michael Zammit Cutajar and Yvo de Boer on challenges facing international negotiations up to 2015 Paris summit

This year’s round of international climate negotiations weren’t all doom and gloom. We’ve chosen five outcomes worth celebrating

Leading climate change economist says Warsaw summit conclusions indicates leading countries do not take climate change seriously

An outline of the main agreements reached at the 2013 UN climate summit, and what they mean for future negotiations

Reaction from PwC, KPMG and Institutional Investors Group on the COP 10 climate summit

Reaction from Greenpeace, WWF, Oxfam, the Climate Insitite and other NGOs to the end of the COP19 climate summit

Reaction from the EU, USA, China, UK, Small Island States, UNFCCC and Polish Presidency to the end of the COP19 climate summit

Just under 200 countries agree on basic steps towards a global emissions reduction treaty at talks in Warsaw

The energy may be flagging in Warsaw, but the sense of urgency is ratcheting up as UN negotiations on climate change push into final hours

Polish Presidency calls for final meeting to start as tensions rise between developed and developing nations

Poor nations demand clarity on financial backing as Warsaw summit runs into overtime

Live coverage from the National Stadium in Warsaw, home to the UN climate change negotiations from Nov 11-22

Venezuela accuses EU of “damaging” process as contentious talks on emission reductions go public

Hosts of critical summits in 2014 and 2015 promise civil society its voice will be heard after Warsaw walkout

Russia’s climate chief on pre-2020 ambition, biased conclusions and NGO anger the Warsaw talks