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NEWS: UN plea for food aid to the Sahel as scientific studies flag up climate change threat to food production

NEWS: Farming adaptation on agenda as higher average temperatures cause crop yield fall on the Indo-Gangetic plain

NEWS: Scientists believe they may have found explanations for two inconsistencies in their understanding of global warming

NEWS: Grey and harbour seals appear to enjoy wind farms, foraging at individual turbines

NEWS: Greenhouse gases continued to climb, with concentrations of major gases reaching historically high levels say scientists

NEWS: Latest data shows land and sea temperatures broke records stretching back to 1880

NEWS: Burning fossil fuels is drying out Australia, new research shows, as government axes carbon tax

NEWS: Two new atlases show the retreat of Arctic ice and the human and economic price exacted by extreme weather

NEWS: New study says 15 countries could hold key to ensuring world avoids dangerous levels of warming

NEWS: Governments in Islamabad and Delhi are not preparing for potential climate impacts, says new research

NEWS: Loss of Antarctic sea ice through climate change threatens the emperor penguin’s habitat say scientists

NEWS: Greenland ice melt caused sea levels to rise several metres some 400,000 years ago, at temperatures expected this century

NEWS: Region faces €190 billion bill by 2080s if nothing is done to arrest temperature rise, says official report

NEWS: Climate change could halve crop yields and submerge property worth $500 billion this century

NEWS: Improving air quality linked with fewer deaths from lung disease and pneumonia say scientists

NEWS: Average temperatures 0.74C higher than 20C average say US government scientists

NEWS: Solar thermal power has a role alongside wind and solar PV, in a low carbon world

NEWS: A warming Arctic may change the weather for hundreds of millions of people

NEWS: Australian reef could be more resilient to warming than thought, historical data shows

NEWS: Scientists forecast that sea ice will continue downward spiral, while El Nino means 2014 could be hottest year ever