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Bioenergy "incompatible" with sustainable food production - study

NEWS: Princeton scientists urge governments to scrap bioenergy subsidies, citing climate impact and clash with food crops

Met Office: 2014 ties with 2010 for hottest year

NEWS: UK meteorological agency joins NASA, NOAA and Japanese forecasters in saying global temperatures hit record high in 2014

Sea level rise faster than feared, say scientists

NEWS: Harvard researchers find that there has been an almost threefold annual increase in global sea levels over the last quarter of a century

Small temperature rise could devastate wheat yields, say scientists

NEWS: One degree of warming could slash wheat yields by 42 million tonnes and cause devastating shortages of this vital staple food

From buckets to beehives: how scientists collect climate data

ANALYSIS: From old seafarers to modern scientists, RTCC looks at the past and the present of temperature records

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China's efforts to ease water stress failing, say researchers

NEWS: Efforts to solve China’s water crisis − exacerbated by economic growth, climate change and a rising population – are having opposite effect

Gold rush causes rise in South American deforestation

NEWS: Demand for jewellery and booming gold prices poses threat to diverse tropical forests, study finds

Social cost of carbon six times higher than thought - study

NEWS: It is worth taking more expensive measures to curb emissions, say scientists, to avoid hit to economic growth

Stanford professors call for full fossil fuel divestment

NEWS: California university was the wealthiest to cut ties with coal companies last May; 295 academics want oil and gas to go next

Warming oceans speeding up climate change cycle

NEWS: Scientists have identified another consequence of global warming that is likely to accelerate climate change still further

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NEWS: Academics questioned the human influence on climate at India’s leading science conference this week

Fracking caused Ohio earthquake in 2014, say researchers

NEWS: Controversial gas exploration technique linked to 3.0 magnitude earthquake that shook US state in March

Glowing Earth: NASA satellite identifies energy hotspots

NEWS: Data from satellites and space station astronauts has enabled a detailed “planet at night” atlas of urban lighting to be created

Tropical forests hidden role in sucking up CO2 revealed

NEWS: The role of the world’s tropical forests in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere may have been underestimated

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Global carbon emissions to rise 2.5% in 2015 - PwC

NEWS: Predictions based on 2015 GDP growth suggest world will continue on course to exceed 2C warming threshold

Warming world already causing dramatic changes, say scientists

NEWS: Fish, forests, birds and wildflowers affected by a wide range of impacts – human and natural – from global warming say researchers

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US cities face 'blackouts' due to climate-linked extreme weather

NEWS: As global temperatures rise, cities in the US face growing threats from fierce and frequent hurricanes

Fast Finland warming means blue Christmas for Santa

NEWS: Even icy Lapland faces diminished snowfall as Finland warms over twice the rate of global average

NASA CO2 map reveals impact of forest clearance

BLOG: Springtime burning of savannah and forest in the southern hemisphere shows up in latest satellite images

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Rise in weather extremes linked to climate change, say scientists

NEWS: Lethal heat waves, ice storms and big freezes could become regular events if greenhouse gas emissions are not controlled