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NEWS: Data submitted to UN reveals US is over halfway to meeting its 2020 climate change target

NEWS: Congo Basin will warm 50% faster due to deforestation in world’s second largest rain forest, says new research

NEWS: IPCC study offers new focus on regional groupings, smoothing historical divide between global north and south

NEWS: Combination of climate change and El Niño could lead to spike in global warming, says Michel Jarraud

NEWS: Greenland’s ice loss is accelerating, suggesting that the edges of the entire ice cap may be unstable

NEWS: Support or opposition to climate policies determined by ‘emotional factors’ says UN panel, highlighting political challenge

NEWS: Immediate and full participation in global climate agreements needed to curb temperature rises, says UN panel

NEWS: Wind, solar and hydro will have to shoulder four fifths of the global power supply by 2050 to meet carbon targets

ANALYSIS: Shale gas can help address climate change say UN panel, but will have to be cut substantially by 2050

NEWS: IPCC warns swift transition to renewables needed to avoid dangerous temperature rise, but changes are affordable

ANALYSIS: Image of scientists bickering with Richard Tol weakened public perception of consensus within IPCC

FEATURE: The Earth entered uncharted territory when CO2 levels hit 400ppm for the first time. So what does the milestone mean?

NEWS: Higher estimates of methane emissions from melting permafrost could accelerate climate ‘tipping points’, says report

NEWS: A cool phase in the Atlantic ocean helps to explain sixteen year ‘pause’ in warming of surface temperatures

NEWS: Shorter reports produced once a decade could ease pressure on scientists responsible for enormous scientific overview

NEWS: Putting price tag on climate change is key in spurring politicians into action, say economists, lawyers and scientists

NEWS: Scientists say public must stop eating so much meat and dairy produce, citing rising levels of carbon pollution from industry

INTERVIEW: Chair of UN’s IPCC science panel tells RTCC calls to focus exclusively on coping with climate change are misplaced

ANALYSIS: UN climate panel only reports ‘facts’, but is it time to make clearer the implications for policy?

NEWS: Damning report from MPs says BBC should adopt clear editorial guidelines around climate coverage