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Alaska wildfires spiral in warming climate - study

NEWS: America’s northern frontier is seeing a surge of large wildfires, releasing more carbon dioxide from tundra and forests

Sunspot slump won't halt warming trend - Met Office

NEWS: A return to a ‘grand solar minimum’ not seen for centuries may cause some cooling but won’t outweigh greenhouse effect

European countries urged to prepare for 1.5m sea level rise

NEWS: Parts of Europe face higher than average marine surge as polar ice melts, Danish researchers have found

Stop coal to preserve health gains, says Lancet Commission

NEWS: Dangerous climate change from coal power emissions will set back public health 50 years, international expert panel finds

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Sahel gets surprise rainfall boon from climate change

NEWS: Drought-prone region of Africa is experiencing a wetter period largely due to greenhouse gas emissions

Is avoiding 2C of global warming possible?

VIDEO: Models that suggest the world can rapidly cut CO2 emissions are optimistic, says CICERO’s Glen Peters

May 2015 was the hottest on record, say US govt scientists

NEWS: Record temperatures and impending El Nino set year on course to be warmest since 1880

Tea Party supporters score high on climate ideology, low on facts

NEWS: Researchers find “ideological roots” for a false sense of understanding among US right wing faction

'Moisture mill' shows clean energy potential of evaporation

NEWS: US scientists have harnessed humidity in the lab to run a toy car and flashing light and say the technology could scale up

China could hit emissions peak by 2025 - study

NEWS: Lower economic growth, tighter climate regulations and a decline in heavy industry primed to slow carbon growth

Tropical storms get fiercer with climate change - study

NEWS: Typhoons and hurricanes are getting less frequent with human-caused global warming, but more intense, latest research confirms

Shock Antarctic ice loss discovered by European satellite

NEWS: ‘Surprise’ thinning of Antarctic region ice sheet revealed by Cryo-Sat2 after five years of measurements, study finds

El Nino likely to ensure 2015 breaks warming records

ANALYSIS: Rising temperatures linked to phenomenon could add weight to calls for tough new climate deal in Paris this year

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1.5C climate goal still in reach, say scientists

NEWS: World must embrace deeper emissions cuts, biofuels and carbon storage in last stab at limiting long term costs for planet, study says

Giant Antarctic ice shelf could collapse by end of century

NEWS: Satellite and radar studies show that twin forces causing the vast ice shelf to thin and become less stable

IPCC meets to review new climate fighting tools

NEWS: World authority on global warming moves to add shifts in population and economies in its forecasts in Vienna meeting

Is climate change driving Brazil's drought chaos?

ANALYSIS: Experts are divided over the extent of an overheating planet’s role in the South American country’s chronic dry spell

Sea levels are rising faster than previous estimates

THE GUARDIAN: IPCC modelling proves right as scientists find satellite glitch led to inaccurate sea level rise records in 1990s

Biofuels can take decades to pay off carbon debt - study

NEWS: Researchers have mapped the length of time before energy crops have a positive impact on emissions in different parts of the world

California braces itself for worsening wildfire seasons

NEWS: Years of drought and higher temperatures mean the chance of devastating wildfires in the southwest US is higher than ever