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NEWS: Gap between reality and public perception of climate science is reminiscent of MMR controversy, says NGO

NEWS: History could repeat itself if global warming is left unchecked, leading to people abandoning once-fertile areas

NEWS: Heat sinking into the Atlantic Ocean accounts for a slowdown in air temperature rises, scientists find

NEWS: NASA finds a banned ozone-depleting gas is still being emitted, in a blot on the Montreal Protocol’s record

NEWS: Arctic warming faster than most of Earth, while Antarctica appears to remain locked in a frigid embrace

ANALYSIS: Scientists, artists and policymakers pondered whether to hack the planet at a meeting in Berlin this week

NEWS: The Asian Development Bank warns economic cost of climate change will challenge efforts to lift people out of poverty

NEWS: Last month’s average temperature was 16.44C. That’s 0.64C above the 20th century average

INTERVIEW: Climate scientists can learn from weather forecasters about giving practical advice, says meteorological expert

NEWS: Government report says forests will suffer more due to climate change, but neglects to mention own role in global emissions

NEWS: Swedish study finds “vast methane plumes” coming from the ocean floor, which could accelerate global warming

NEWS: US government researchers say state’s economy is threatened by rise in ocean carbon dioxide levels

NEWS: New research shows that forest ecosystems are particularly vulnerable to increasing wind, beetles and wildfires

INTERVIEWS: Leading economists speak to RTCC about the brewing row over how to account for global climate impacts

NEWS: UN plea for food aid to the Sahel as scientific studies flag up climate change threat to food production

NEWS: Farming adaptation on agenda as higher average temperatures cause crop yield fall on the Indo-Gangetic plain

NEWS: Scientists believe they may have found explanations for two inconsistencies in their understanding of global warming

NEWS: Grey and harbour seals appear to enjoy wind farms, foraging at individual turbines

NEWS: Greenhouse gases continued to climb, with concentrations of major gases reaching historically high levels say scientists

NEWS: Latest data shows land and sea temperatures broke records stretching back to 1880