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Invitation for Nominations

PSIPW 6th Award (2014)

Recognizing Innovation

Nominations open online until 31 December 2013

Inaugurated in 2002 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by HRH Crown body of reseach, an invention, or a new patented technology.
Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz, PSIPW is a leading scientifc award Universities, university departments, companies, and other
bestowing fve distinctive prizes bi-annually to recognize organizations may nominate worthy individuals and teams of
water-related innovation all over the world. researchers for this prize.
The Prizes: First, there is the Creativity Prize. Worth US$ Then there are four Specialized Prizes, each worth US$
266,000 (1 million Saudi riyals), this prize is awarded to an 133,000 (1/2 million Saudi riyals), covering all aspects of the
innovator or pioneer for work that can rightly be considered a water research landscape. Researchers and organizations may
breakthrough in any water-related feld. The work might be a nominate themselves for any of these four prizes.

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