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for a new


Can individual behavior change mitigate
climate change on a larger scale?

Train for it. and a commitment to cleaner, more effcient ways of doing business. A properly designed
It’s clear that the battle against climate change requires sustainability training program encourages new ways of thinking and doing business.
support through regulation, legislation, and large-scale Employees are better able to see opportunities for change that can contribute to the overall
investments. But, if large numbers of people make small strategy of the organization.
changes that require little to no investment or time, the
potential for a positive shift in climate impacts is staggering. Empower Agents of Change
Bringing sustainability education into the workplace, aligned Education empowers employees to look at their work from a new perspective, leading to
with organizational goals and objectives, has huge potential new insights, ideas, and other opportunities to contribute and engage others. Even from
for individual behavior to infuence on a larger scale. a general awareness perspective, employees are working and living in the buildings that
Corporations that are able to provide employees with represent 40 percent of the world’s energy consumption. A LEED-certifed building cannot
sustainability training relevant to the company’s goals, achieve its intended peak performance without educated occupants to properly utilize
business strategy, operations, and individual jobs, will be technology and make informed choices about energy use, waste, and water conservation.
poised to succeed in a competitive environment - and make Exact estimates vary, but experts at Jones Lang LaSalle have reported that in the
a difference environmentally. properties they manage, an average of 50–60 percent of energy use is directly related to
how commercial building tenants use their space.
Establish Value by Linking to Core Business Objectives
Through sustainability education, corporations have a Social Power
unique opportunity to integrate sustainability into the Countless behavioral science researchers have found that people are infuenced by the
corporate message and culture. By investing in advanced actions of others. Whether it’s a competitive nature or peer pressure, social norms are
knowledge for the workforce, the company shows support playing into the adoption of sustainable practices. A cohesive, supported message on

The power to create a more sustainable workforce is in our
hands. Educating our employees on sustainable actions shows
that we are investing in our workplace and our planet.

Education is the key to shifting behavior change in the

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