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Hydrogen is one of the most abundant Delivering reliable emission-free power with the AuriGen high-
sources of natural fuel available, offering efciency fuel cell system. The award-winning AurigaGen hydrogen
fuel cell combined UPS and back-up power system provides a clean
the potential of an end-to-end zero- and quiet alternative to conventional battery-powered systems
emissions energy solution and diesel generators.

Leading the clean revolution Linnet Technology won a ‘SELECT’ industry award for Best New Product 2012. Fergus
Linnet’s core business is UPS, Generator and Central Ewing (Minister for Energy Enterprise and Tourism) visited our frst installation at the
Battery Systems, everything that is required to ensure systems integrators frm Sabio’s offces in Glasgow City Centre. We are in the process
continuous power. At present most UPS systems utilise of agreeing a similar installation in Sabio’s London offces.
lead acid batteries to provide power during a mains
outage. energy effciency potential
Fuel cell systems are much more effcient than diesel generators and do not generate
To provide long runtimes many systems use a diesel any toxic waste that has to be cleaned or disposed safely. Hydrogen can be
generator in association with the batteries and this has generated near the point of use from other renewable sources such as water power,
several drawbacks. Our need to reduce dependency wind and solar, thereby providing an end-to-end zero-emissions solution.
on fossil fuels along with our obligations regarding
carbon emissions necessitates alternative approaches to An ever increasing problem worldwide is the need to store energy and use it when
conventional thinking. there is demand rather than when it is generated. Converting electrical energy into
hydrogen via electrolysers enables power to be stored as gas and then used when
Hydrogen, being the most abundant natural fuel source needed via fuel cells.
available to us, provides a wonderful opportunity to
address these issues. Auriga Energy are pioneers in this At present we are spending huge amounts of money to take wind turbines off-grid
feld and our collaboration has led to the development of when certain conditions occur and that energy is lost.
the AurigaGen system for back-up power applications.
The “AurigaGen” Hydrogen Fuel cell
We can tailor our system to suit numerous applications, The AurigaGen is a high-effciency modular electricity generator system that can be
both primary power and stand-by power. Our modular adapted to meet multiple applications, for example the system currently powers a
architecture allows unlimited possibilities across many water taxi operating in Bristol as well as providing back-up power to a call centre
industries. located in Glasgow.
The main components of the systems are identical, however the output element is
tailored to specifc needs of the application.
The system has proven reliability and utilises the state-of-the art fuel cells. With safety
assured, the system can be installed indoors. The AurigaGen delivers quiet, stable
continuous power with no pollution for a clean environment.
What sets us apart from the competition?
The fexibility and architecture of the proven AurigaGen system is the key. We can
design, build and install systems in a very short timescale.

We are looking to introduce our innovative UPS/backup power system to potential
customers and key stakeholders. In support of this, we will welcome appropriate
introductions and publicity.

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