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iNNovatiNg waste:

mexico citY’s

greeNer, cleaNer


Suema is a ground-breaking and innovatve Mexican company. We make energy-related technologies that support
sustainable development and promote climate resilience.

This year Mexico City’s 22 million residents are Less than 1% of the local economic actvity provision for fresh food and
celebratng its 190th anniversary. is related to agriculture. So, distributon and staple products among the
commercializaton of fresh food products is a populaton of lower income.
In its history there have been stresses that sensitve mater for millions of citzens. At the same tme, they draw
caused serious problems for its inhabitants and people together and foster
infrastructure. One way or another, these have Since the tmes of the ancient city of Mexico communites.
been managed, but there stll exists a need to Tenochttlan, markets have played an important
address the structural problems. role for social and economic development. However, markets also
Through the years markets have forged generate negatve externalites
Cites depend on rural zones as these are major traditons and customs, representng a legacy for to the environment, which
producers of raw materials and natural services. Mexican culture. have global impacts. Every
This is an intrinsic relatonship that has to be day, market traders throw
carefully considered. Mexico City is primarily According to Mexico City’s local government,
dependant on food producton outside its markets represent around 27% of local retail away about 15% of the
municipal waste, a major
perimeters. commerce. They are stll the main source of
source of methane.

Photo: © Suema

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