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       sustainability, functionality, beauty at an affordable cost is already here.
       It is in our shared collective experience and imaginations, thus engaging
       in collaboration with competitors can be an inspirational, rewarding,
       innovative and profitable exchange that lights everyone’s candles! We
       need to change our competitive psyche and engage in co-operation to the
       benefit of all.

       In addition to environmental sustainability Governments around the
       world are now looking at reducing the number of road deaths caused by
       cars crashes into steel poles. Consultants are already specifying wherever
       possible the use of passive-safe aluminum poles. Statistics show that the
       majority of those killed in such road deaths are young men under the
       age of 25. Furthermore 70% of those who hit steel poles die. The cost to   Pictures: left to right:
       the community is immeasurable. On the other hand those crashing into
       passive-safe poles live to see another day.                  Bottom left – Soluxio Solar Pole

       Various parts of the EU and the USA have already legislated for such   Center top – Monument Light,
       safe poles and now many Middle Eastern countries are following suit.   Singapore
       The United Arab Emirates and the State of Qatar are but two examples
       of governments leading by positive example. Change is an evolutionary   Center bottom – Central Markets,
       not a revolutionary process but as long as it is visibly occurring which it   Abu Dhabi
       is, particularly with India and China now on board there is hope for our
       planet and our future generations.                           Right – Rabat, Morocco

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