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                        Turning risk into reward
                        Progress made by our Challenge winners will just be the   unpredictability. We are launching a second pillar of the
                        beginning. As we watch an array of innovative flooding   Water Window Challenge, focusing specifically on the
                        solutions begin to save lives and change livelihoods, we   prominent challenge of water security in the Horn of
                        must now turn our attention to providing the same level of   Africa, the Sahel, South and South East Asia.
                        solution for water security, overcoming the environmental
                        and political issues we face.                 We are searching for a new partner willing to match our
                                                                      ambition to change the lives of millions in parts of the
                        As has been recognised by the UN-Water, investment   world where water security remains a substantial barrier to
                        in water security is a long-term pay-off which also   growth. Working together to identify viable solutions and
                        demonstrates immediate, visible gains. Where risk exists,   scale them rapidly, we can transform risk into opportunity
                        there is always opportunity for a business willing to put   and open up new marketplaces.
                        social change + profit at the heart of their business model.
                        The GRP believes that, through partnering with a forward-  For many communities, water security issues are a barrier
                        thinking business we can vastly improve the lives of those   to growth and prosperity. As we congregate in Marrakech
                        who are currently unable to rely on a stable, substantial,   to discuss the world’s most pressing environmental
                        clean water supply.                           challenges, it’s clear that governments, communities and
                                                                      business leaders must work together to eradicate that
                        Through partnering with the GRP, businesses can maximise   barrier. We must confront the issue as an opportunity, with
                        opportunities for their expansion in developing countries   benefits for the companies who take a seat at the table and
                        by helping communities adapt to risk and manage   the individuals desperate for access to clean water.

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