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       Banking on sustainable


       Rawbank is the largest bank in the Democratic Republic of Congo in terms of customer
       deposits and has nearly 100 branches spread across the country.

       Rawbank is striving to reconcile its strong growth together   to fair marketing, consumer protection, data protection and
       with the development of communities and stakeholders,   privacy.
       and has created a department in charge of corporate
       social responsibility (CSR), in order to grasp the social and   To this end, note by way of example:
       environmental challenges and control its impacts on nature.  •  Distribution of the general settlement of operations to any
       Its CSR activities are based on a number of principles:   •  Market segmentation, responding specifically to the
       humanistic and ethical commitment to its human capital,   expectations of different customer profiles;
       its clientele, suppliers and partners, environmental values,   •  The existence of services such as the Call Center or the
       economic development and social contribution of the local   Customer Experience for consumer access ,to information,
       communities, the region and the country, the contribution to   education, assistance and resolution of claims, etc.
       the banking of populations through its proximity, its products   •  The offer of services and products designed for customers
       and services and the high social impact of its activities.  with special needs or fragilities. To name just two, the
                                                             Lady’s First program for women entrepreneurs offers
       Rawbank acts on several strategic axes, including:    a tailor-made preferential rate, as well as non-financial
       1. GOVERNANCE: which applies to the three economic,   services such as legal assistance or various training
       social and environmental strands, ie, People, Planet   modules: financial plan, management marketing, etc.
       and Profit, through a transparent, ethical attitude
       and compliance with local and international laws and   The Academia product has enabled banking inclusion of
       regulations. Through the eco-compliance of its financing,   young people under the age of 26, using paperless, online
       for example, Rawbank grants credits in strict compliance   and electronic products, at a zero interest rate.
       with social and environmental risk standards and the
       categorization of activities to be financed, excluding   Rawbank is committed to fair marketing and anti-corruption
       those included in the internal exclusion list, aligned with   practices: at least two levels of control are required for each
       recommendations of IFC or the AfDB.                  business process, whistle blowing also allows any agent to
                                                            anonymously report suspicions of fraud, compliance works
       The bank documentation department also regularly     in the fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and
       publishes periodicals in support of the bank’s good   corruption, etc.
       governance, in terms of fighting corruption, improving
       relations and working conditions, protecting the     4. SOCIAL: In the field of human rights, Rawbank is
       environment, with consumers, etc.                    committed to continually improving internal relations
                                                            and working conditions, including employment, employer
       2. ENVIRONMENT: Rawbank is committed to protecting   and employee relations, social protection, human capital
       nature. For the past few years there has been a voluntary,   development, health, hygiene, safety at work, etc.
       paperless attitude expressed through the dematerialization,
       digitization or automation of processes, archives, operations   Rawbank supports the elimination of discrimination in
       transactions and human resources administration. Green IT   employment and occupation, in line with the sixth principle
       has guided the choice of equipment and IT solutions as well   of the United Nations Global Compact. It is distinguished by
       as the use of renewable energy, including in our branches in   its cultural diversity, with a dozen nationalities, a reflection
       the underprivileged communities in the country. In fact, an   of Congolese society and a source of creativity, innovation
       18% reduction in the fuel cost center was achieved in 2016.   and efficiency. It currently has 1,603 employees, of which 5%
                                                            are expatriates and 33% are women.
       Rawbank also supports nature-friendly initiatives and
       partners, for example those involved in protecting   We also note the training provided by the Rawbank
       mangroves.                                           Academy, various cultural and sports activities, genuine
                                                            means of integration and cohesion. By supporting its
       3. ECONOMY: Because the customer is king, relations with   Rawladies platform dedicated to building women’s capacities
       consumers are constantly refined. Rawbank is committed   for natural access to positions of responsibility, Rawbank
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