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Norway to pledge US$300m for forest protection

NEWS: Peru’s lead climate negotiator says Ban Ki-moon climate summit will catalyse action such as Norway deal

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Extreme weather displaced more people than war in 2013

NEWS: Natural disasters created 22 million refugees in 2013, report finds, warning that climate change could worsen trend

Drought-hit California faces future trouble as warming reduces water

NEWS: Researchers warn that climate change could worsen California droughts by reducing water flow from Sierra Nevada mountains

Yeb Sano sails to the Arctic in "clarion call" for climate

INTERVIEW: Filipino climate commissioner undertakes seven-day trip across the fragile north, highlighting impacts of global warming

Amazon's 'flying rivers' dry up as drought takes hold

NEWS: Scientists believe Amazon rainforest water loss is the result of continuing deforestation and climate change

Criminal deforestation poses growing climate threat

NEWS: Foreign demand for agricultural products worth an estimated $61 billion is driving rates of deforestation

Jonathon Porritt: I have not sold out to the palm oil sector

INTERVIEW: Veteran UK environmentalist defends industry-backed study that will endorse some forest clearance

Cocaine wars to climate crisis: can fortified crops save Colombia?

NEWS: The biggest threat to Colombian farmers used to be drug-related violence. Now it’s climate change – but biofortified crops offer hope

Indian billionaire Ratan Tata leads calls for UN ocean treaty

NEWS: Heavy pollution and climate change are threatening long term health and productivity of high seas

David Attenborough: UK must embrace climate migrants

NEWS: Britain must cater for wildlife moving northwards because of climate change, says veteran naturalist and broadcaster

UN and World Bank 'inefficiency' blocking forest aid efforts

NEWS: Report from leading REDD donors Norway warns of ‘growing perception’ countries are missing out on millions

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Heavy consumption puts planet in overdraft

NEWS: Earth Overshoot Day arrives one day earlier than 2013, marking the date global consumption exceeds production

Tiny Indian village makes final stand against coal giants

NEWS: Vote in Madhya Pradesh village will decide whether ancient forest is cleared for mining project

Human impact on glacier melt increasing - study

NEWS: Scientific studies show increasing human impact on glaciers; Antarctic ice melt faster than thought

Low-cost climate adaptation can help African farmers - UN

NEWS: The UN’s environment body has set out practical ways African nations can protect their people against climate change effects

Brazil's indigenous tribes: The low cost solution to climate change?

NEWS: Traditional communities living in harmony with nature need greater support from governments, says report

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California drought threatens groundwater supplies - study

NEWS: NASA satellite data reveals record water level drop in the Colorado River Basin, as drought is linked to climate change

Scale of Amazon rainforest carbon loss revealed

NEWS: Forest conservation programmes must address logging and wildfires, large scale Amazon study shows

Indonesia deforestation now 'worse than Brazil'

NEWS: Indonesia’s forest loss is accelerating each year, despite a moratorium on logging, study finds

India and China farmers back new climate adaptation alliance

NEWS: A network of 25 indigenous mountain communities is sharing information – and seeds – for a climate-proof future