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NEWS: Traditional communities living in harmony with nature need greater support from governments, says report

NEWS: NASA satellite data reveals record water level drop in the Colorado River Basin, as drought is linked to climate change

NEWS: Forest conservation programmes must address logging and wildfires, large scale Amazon study shows

NEWS: Indonesia’s forest loss is accelerating each year, despite a moratorium on logging, study finds

NEWS: A network of 25 indigenous mountain communities is sharing information – and seeds – for a climate-proof future

NEWS: UN’s World Meteorological Association now more certain that El NiƱo will hit by end of year

NEWS: Governments must consider the billions of people depending on forests for food, energy and shelter, says FAO report

COMMENT: We should ‘climate proof’ the land to prevent some of the tragedies of a warmer world, says UN desertification chief

NEWS: Weather phenomenon plus global warming is recipe for the hottest year on record, says climate scientist

COMMENT: Agriculture is linked to 20% of greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s not receiving attention from governments

NEWS: Developing countries set to benefit from new funds protecting biodiversity hotspots and monitoring climate change

ENVIRONMENT NETWORK: Companies could start extracting oil underneath key biodiversity reserve on Earth by 2016

NEWS: Falling water levels in US state more severe than any event since the late 1500s megadrought, say scientists

NEWS: Congo’s forests facing chronic water stress say scientists, potentially affecting native species

NEWS: Congo Basin will warm 50% faster due to deforestation in world’s second largest rain forest, says new research

A future forest carbon market needs to ensure local communities have control over their lands, says report

Evacuations start as sea pours into parts of town, highlighting acute dangers of rising sea levels in Pacific

US Secretary of State follows up comments on climate action with call for more marine protection zones

A new Google-powered mapping tool uses terabytes of data to show where deforestation is happening in real time

US president pledges over $100 million to help farmers who are suffering in historic Californian drought