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NEWS: Report from leading REDD donors Norway warns of ‘growing perception’ countries are missing out on millions

NEWS: Earth Overshoot Day arrives one day earlier than 2013, marking the date global consumption exceeds production

NEWS: Vote in Madhya Pradesh village will decide whether ancient forest is cleared for mining project

NEWS: Scientific studies show increasing human impact on glaciers; Antarctic ice melt faster than thought

NEWS: The UN’s environment body has set out practical ways African nations can protect their people against climate change effects

NEWS: Traditional communities living in harmony with nature need greater support from governments, says report

NEWS: NASA satellite data reveals record water level drop in the Colorado River Basin, as drought is linked to climate change

NEWS: Forest conservation programmes must address logging and wildfires, large scale Amazon study shows

NEWS: Indonesia’s forest loss is accelerating each year, despite a moratorium on logging, study finds

NEWS: A network of 25 indigenous mountain communities is sharing information – and seeds – for a climate-proof future

NEWS: UN’s World Meteorological Association now more certain that El Niño will hit by end of year

NEWS: Governments must consider the billions of people depending on forests for food, energy and shelter, says FAO report

COMMENT: We should ‘climate proof’ the land to prevent some of the tragedies of a warmer world, says UN desertification chief

NEWS: Weather phenomenon plus global warming is recipe for the hottest year on record, says climate scientist

COMMENT: Agriculture is linked to 20% of greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s not receiving attention from governments

NEWS: Developing countries set to benefit from new funds protecting biodiversity hotspots and monitoring climate change

ENVIRONMENT NETWORK: Companies could start extracting oil underneath key biodiversity reserve on Earth by 2016

NEWS: Falling water levels in US state more severe than any event since the late 1500s megadrought, say scientists

NEWS: Congo’s forests facing chronic water stress say scientists, potentially affecting native species

NEWS: Congo Basin will warm 50% faster due to deforestation in world’s second largest rain forest, says new research