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NEWS: Congo Basin will warm 50% faster due to deforestation in world’s second largest rain forest, says new research

A future forest carbon market needs to ensure local communities have control over their lands, says report

Evacuations start as sea pours into parts of town, highlighting acute dangers of rising sea levels in Pacific

US Secretary of State follows up comments on climate action with call for more marine protection zones

A new Google-powered mapping tool uses terabytes of data to show where deforestation is happening in real time

US president pledges over $100 million to help farmers who are suffering in historic Californian drought

Over 100 athletes competing in Sochi this fortnight have signed a letter highlighting importance of UN’s 2015 climate change treaty

Nightmare scenario would see 1 in 20 dealing with floods by 2100 unless world takes urgent action to cut CO2

Climate change is already killing baby penguins in Argentina, which are badly adapted to increasing rainfall

Wildlife in Switzerland seeking relief from warming temperatures by moving further up the mountainsides is proving surprisingly mobile

Thames Barrier shuts for 11th time in 11 days as rains and high tides combine to threaten capital

Storms blast through the UK with renewed vigour, causing flooding and transport problems across the country

Mangroves are colonising new areas in northern Florida, moving up the coast because the frequency of very frosty days is falling

Water, food supplies and energy production are all in jeopardy as the Amazon forest is felled for profit, campaigners say

RTCC speaks to five REDD+ experts to see what the rainforest preservation scheme has achieved, and where it goes from here

Funds will allow Congo Basin countries to start developing national strategies to reduce rainforest destruction

To the surprise of researchers, the warming waters of the fjords of the Antarctic Peninsula have an abundant and diverse population of marine life

Climate change is likely to damage populations of bats which hunt their insect prey with high-frequency ultrasonic squeaks

Bitter dispute over indigenous people’s forest rights resolved, paving the way for implementation of forest protection scheme

London’s flood defences will be tested tonight by a strong tidal surge, which has caused parts of country to be evacuated