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NEWS: Economic growth is compatible with tackling climate change, says leader of ‘Stern Review 2′ report on climate economics

NEWS: Efforts to stop warming above 1.5C no longer possible, says Edenhofer, with dire consequences for small island states

NEWS: Manuel Pulgar Vidal targets small successes at COP20 in December, citing consensus-building as key goal

NEWS: Influx of right wing climate sceptics after May election could see EU’s plans to decarbonise weakened

COMMENT: Bangladesh climate envoy says world has opportunity to avoid dangerous levels of global warming

NEWS: Immediate and full participation in global climate agreements needed to curb temperature rises, says UN panel

NEWS: European Commission revises rules for state aid, allowing EU member states to support fossil fuel generation

NEWS: Nations must consider findings of IPCC when deciding whether to limit warming to 1.5 or 2C, say developed countries

NEWS: World Bank and Merrill Lynch among those working on ‘Climate Finance Lab’ to speed up $100bn fundraising goal

NEWS: Governments must not see adaptation as ‘politically easy’ way out of tackling climate change, says Margareta Wahlström

NEWS: Norway’s $800 billion wealth fund to double investments in renewables and energy efficiency

COMMENT: UN climate science study surprised few, but warnings of serious impacts could drive UN talks forward

COMMENT: Stronger links between business, academia and the public sector are essential to thrive in a warming world, writes Climate-KIC’s Mary Ritter

COMMENT: Cash flows from rich to poor remain slow, but developing nations aren’t wasting time waiting

NEWS: Crises in Syria and Ukraine have distracted world leaders from the urgency of climate change, says UN Secretary General

NEWS: Global negotiations could take place every two years as UN body focuses on implementing decisions

NEWS: High-level meetings at the EU see world’s three largest emitters agree to strengthen discussions on 2015 Paris treaty

NEWS: Pascal Canfin resignation “a loss” to UN climate process say observers, as new government forms

NEWS: Christopher Loeak confirms he will bring “bold actions” to UN Secretary General’s September meeting

NEWS: John Kerry and William Hague say latest UN science study is evidence global deal on climate is required