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NEWS: High level Delhi negotiations end with agreement to boost clean tech cooperation and efficiency standards

NEWS: Frank Ackerman says 2013 paper by Richard Tol, used by IPCC, minimises economic risks of climate change

NEWS: Deep cuts to the foreign office’s climate spending shatters the UK’s image of global leadership

NEWS: Indian environment minister calls for cooperation and technology sharing with US ahead of UN talks

TRANSCRIPT: US Senator takes issue with Congress sceptics who blocked a resolution acknowledging climate change

INTERVIEW: While debate rages across the US over President Obama’s carbon cuts, one small east-coast state has taken a lead

ANALYSIS: White House unleashes Obama, Kerry and Podesta in new bid to win public support for carbon cuts

NEWS: Advisor to President Obama to attend Pacific Islands Forum, alongside EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton

NEWS: US secretary of state urges greater US-India cooperation on clean energy ahead of Delhi summit

THE GUARDIAN: Energy and climate change committee says UN climate science panel processes have improved since last major report

NEWS: Hugging huskies will not solve ‘ultimate challenge’ of climate change, UK Labour leader says in plea for end to photo-op politics

NEWS: Green groups and private sector says REDD+ is key to cutting emissions, but government action is needed

NEWS: Ideas flood in on how Warsaw’s loss and damage mechanism could limit damage to the world’s most vulnerable

NEWS: European Commission targets 30% energy savings by 2030 after last-minute wrangling

NEWS: Barack Obama and Xi Jinping are on “a very long list” of leaders signed up, says UN climate chief

NEWS: UN-backed event ends with unusual call from civil society groups to end capitalism

NEWS: UN’s draft development agenda contains climate goal, but NGOs concerned it could be dropped

NEWS: Latest blow means rich countries need to deliver on finance and emission cuts in 2015 warns Wylbur Simuusa

NEWS: US and China cooperation offers hope of success in Paris next year, says Ville Niinisto

NEWS: Government move to stop funding cheap petrol and diesel hailed as major progress by World Bank’s Rachel Kyte