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Meeting to explore pathways to address climate change, but questions linger over country’s reliance on oil and gas revenues

Historic leaders at UN climate talks face tough questions after high-profile crash at ICAO summit in Montreal

UN deal sets emissions reduction scheme in motion, but EU trading scheme crushed in series of vitriolic negotiations

Head of UK Climate Change Committee says there is no legal or economic justification to change the country’s current decarbonisation plans

For the first time UN scientists have set a limit on the amount of greenhouse gases that can be released – but is there a short-term alternative?

Ed Davey says country will have to face historical responsibility if global carbon budget is divided among nations

Monique Barbut says Convention should develop adaptation ‘indicators’ for 2015 climate change summit in Paris

Former UN climate chief says there’s little chance 2015 summit will be able to curb soaring emissions, arguing high carbon price is best solution

Scientists say climate change is a clear threat but nations are unlikely to take warnings on board at next round of UN talks in Warsaw

Christiana Figueres says impacts of climate change far more urgent and intense than previously thought

Dr Celine Herweijer explains why the IPCC’s AR5 report is critical for any business with ambitions to develop and expand overseas

UN Secretary General urges states to hasten towards aviation agreements, as high level meetings commence in Montreal

Countries object to proposals aimed at developing new set of indicators to measure land degradation

Leading economist Lord Stern says his profession has built models which vastly underestimate effects of climate change

At opening of UN General Assembly, Ban Ki-moon invited leaders to come together in 2014 to stimulate action on climate change

Climate Commission is resurrected as independent body as Australian PM begins regressive action on climate change

EU will discuss changes to the carbon market to allow the bloc to meet its 2030 emissions reduction goals

UN desertification chief Luc Gnacadja says this week’s UN climate science review should encourage governments to rapidly boost their environmental efforts

Former presidents, academics and scientists have come together to issue declaration calling for action on climate justice

World leaders need to take more ambitious actions to confront the mounting threat of climate change