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Emissions from power generation and industry fell 2% but overshadowed by the growing surplus of credits

Pledge from Arctic states to “take action” to address the causes of climate change has been dismissed as meaningless by observers

Climate finance experts tell RTCC European Union claims it has fully funded FSF commitments between 2010-2012 are inaccurate

Secretary of State says country’s response has been inadequate

United Nations climate chief says news world has hit 400ppm CO2 target should encourage governments to boost emission reduction ambitions

European Commission is consulting on how to maintain decarbonisation momentum, but will binding targets for renewables, efficiency and emissions work?

Parliamentarians from India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh head to London to call for greater investment in renewable technologies

New group representing Least Developed Countries says post-2015 agenda should focus on role of rich nation in damaging environment

As world passes an atmospheric concentration of CO2 not seen for more than 3 million years, there are calls for politicians to pay more attention to the science

Despite more pleas this week for Canada to reconsider its position on climate change, the Government’s commitment to its tar sands oil resources is likely to win

Avoiding two degrees of warming is a key principle of the UN climate talks. But who decides how much warming is too much?

Climate Action Network says UN should host ‘equity review’ to establish indicators countries can use to assess climate ambition

Lack of progress on climate finance flows could fatally undermine attempts to broker a global deal in 2015

Tax cuts promised on back of carbon levy revenues postponed as low prices in Europe affect Aussie policy

Queen’s Speech confirms climate change will be discussed at forthcoming summit, despite reports UK had blocked issue from agenda

Petersberg Climate Dialogue concludes with acknowledgement that world is on course to break 2 degrees Celsius barrier

Last week’s round of UN climate change talks in Bonn offered an insight into what a binding emissions treaty could look like

UK, German & French environment ministers demand July deadline for carbon market reform and warns inaction now could jeopardise longer term climate goals

Environment committee confirms new date for critical decision on future of EU’s climate change policy

Joy Hyvarinen from the FIELD asks if states act rationally when negotiating and ratifying treaties, and whether they have biases that can be predicted?