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Syria crisis and economic growth likely to dominate St Petersberg summit as climate change drops off agenda

Text calling for climate ambition will be presented to UN chief Ban Ki Moon at General Assembly in New York

Pacific Island leaders set to sign declaration that they will take initiative at UN climate change talks

Chinese capital is to restrict cars on roads to 6 million by 2017, in an attempt to curtail smog which stifles city

The issue of climate compensation at UN talks is like a house with many rooms writes Saleemul Huq – but few rich countries want to explore inside

International negotiations are often long, complicated, difficult to understand – but Joy Hyvarinen from Field argues it doesn’t have to be this way

As world leaders prepare to discuss climate threat facing the Pacific Islands, EU pledges to provide water to 6,400 islanders

What is one of the world’s most climate vulnerable countries doing to address the causes and consequences of global warming?

Nick Harrison from Ecofys explains why sub-national actors need more input into UN monitored Nationally-Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs)

US Secretary of State John Kerry says he is committed to working closely with small island leaders to guarantee future survival

Pacific leaders will be joined by delegates from United States, China, and the EU to discuss measures to address rising levels of carbon dioxide

Polarised shale gas exploration debate makes an effective EU energy market strategy essential argues Simon Moore from UK think tank Policy Exchange

In a report ahead of talks on Millennium Development Goals, UN Secretary General highlights importance of sustainable development

Polls by Solar Trade Association and Carbon Brief indicate UK public broadly supportive of investment in renewable energy

Analysts believe agreement on funding for mitigation and adaptation in developing countries now unlikely at COP19 UN talks in Warsaw

Critics say weakened target is another example of the current government’s climate change ‘coma’

Danish government published list of projects that could help it achieve 40% emissions reduction target by 2020

Research shows that Australian opposition’s refusal to create carbon market means that Australia will not hit binding pollution targets

Chairs also call for Warsaw summit in November to start delivering decisions on how global treaty will work

Environment Minister Mark Durkan says Prime Minister’s shale gas stance is encouraging “reckless and irresponsible” behaviour