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Climate change policies of the USA, EU, China and poorer nations unravelled in Adopt a Negotiator’s innovative word clouds

Ministers from 35 countries meet an influential Berlin summit to set agenda for main UN climate talks in Warsaw

Next UN climate talks host already working with 2015 President France. Reassures issues within the EU will not affect its influence on the talks

Negotiators and civil society offer their reaction to a week of UN climate negotiations in Bonn

Lead negotiator assures nations at UN climate talks second commitment period will be ratified by member states in 2013

Former UK climate diplomat John Ashton calls on young people to re-engage in politics and find their “collective voice as a generation”

Proposal to tackle HFCs outside of the UN’s climate process finds wide support as nations look for quick cuts to global emissions

UN climate chief tells RTCC agreement must be the start of a transformation of world economy to cleaner technologies & renewable energy

Former Bolivian Ambassador to United Nations says ‘pledge and review’ climate deal recommended by USA will not solve emissions crisis

US and EU historic emissions are vast but growth in China and India has tipped balance

Oil producer’s objections to climate deal ignored as nations line up to back low carbon growth

CDM Executive Board chief Peer Stiansen says it’s vital EU emissions trading scheme is backed by governments

Group of developing nations says failure to take responsibility has set back UN process making current negotiations the last chance

Thomson Reuters Point Carbon revises its carbon price estimates and assumes that there will be no short term fix for Europe’s struggling cap and trade system

Pacific nations say push for damages incurred from climate change will cost more than taking early efforts to cut emissions

Warnings from science grow louder but climate finance and emission ambition remain festering sores at international negotiations

Joe Curtin from the IIEA asks if the rejection of EU ETS “backloading” is a minor hiccup or the beginning of the end?

US President talks big, but will his team demonstrate commitment to multilateral process at next round of negotiations?

As governments prepare to meet in Bonn to discuss a proposed 2015 climate treaty, RTCC looks at the opening positions of the USA, EU, China and India

The UN’s $100bn Green Climate Fund could become ineffective and lose trust if it does not open up, writes Transparency International’s Alice Harrison