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Although scientists didn’t know it at the time, the efforts back in 1987 to stop ozone depletion have prevented drastic changes to climate and hydrological cycles

Globe International analysis reveals what steps Australia is taking to cut greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate

Election campaigning has kicked off in Australia with Tony Abbott pledging to make the abolition of the carbon tax his first priority

Former UK chief scientist Sir David King says solar energy has the potential to meet world’s needs, but calls for global reponse

UN climate chief Christiana Figueres says the low carbon leadership of China’s government should be used an example worldwide

Vice President Tony de Brum tells RTCC he’s confident islands will remain in existence, and says September climate summit in Majuro will be critical for ambition

New EPA chief speaks of the challenges and opportunities of uniting the environment and the economy at her inaugural lecture at Harvard Law School

Climate Action Network and Climate Analytics study says rapid investment in biomass, energy efficiency and carbon capture technologies required

The Foreign Office maintains its views on Arctic drilling, in spite of Environmental Audit Committee’s criticisms that it is “needlessly risky”

Vice President says ‘big brothers’ Australia and New Zealand have vital role to play in taking political leadership on climate change

Nauru Ambassador Marlene Moses says a global emissions agreement by 2015 is possible and an obligation

New Grenada office will help Carribbean countries identify projects for the Clean Development Mechanism

Joy Hyvarinen from FIELD argues that Ban Ki Moon’s high-level political forum on sustainable development must tackle rising emissions as a priority

The world’s leading economies have indicated 2015 may be too early for countries to agree on mitigation targets under a international treaty

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change dismisses reports in Economist that climate change will be less severe than once thought

Barack Obama’s nominee as Environment Protection Agency chief starts work today – and her inbox is likely to be full of tough choices

Support for a carbon tax within China appears to be growing after reports Lou Jiwei said this could take place “in some time”

Writing for RTCC, WWF’s Global Climate & Energy Initiative Samantha Smith says financial institutions need to cut their backing for coal, oil and gas

Climate mitigation and adaptation funds worth US$ 600 billion could be raised by targeting monies paid to the coal, oil and gas sectors

Leading US scientist says coal ash, toxic substances and power plan emissions should be priority for the next leader of the US Environmental Protection Agency