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Draft law putting a 95g per km limit on new cars by 2020 approved by committee

Group of oil producing nations looks to keep clean energy targets out of new sustainable development poverty framework

Dr Manmohan Singh told ministers at last week’s Clean Energy Ministerial India was committed to low carbon – but evidence on the ground remains thin

UN negotiations start in Bonn on April 29 amid warnings from scientists that greenhouse gas emissions are rising too far, too fast

Second rejection of reforms in June could finish emissions trading scheme off warns EU presidency and Climate Commissioner Hedegaard

Secretary of State releases strong statement 43 years after he attended the first Earth Day in 1970

Former chief climate change diplomat on UK Treasury, Canada, Kyoto, ‘legal nihilism’ at UNFCCC and why it’s time for a new model of economic growth

With its emissions trading scheme in tatters, the EU may struggle to demonstrate it’s still a climate leader – but as Joe Curtin argues – it’s vital it plays a role

Former UK climate diplomat John Ashton says climate scientists must actively communicate their findings – but under certain conditions

Guardian: Connie Hedegaard’s attempts to introduce longer-term reforms will face fierce opposition from a powerful business lobby

Figureheads of both sides of the debate resort to name calling after proposals were voted down on Tuesday

Officially British and European greenhouse gas emissions are declining, but if you add in consumption based emissions, they rise dramatically

Event was a “dog and pony show” for US private finance initiatives with no meaningful dialogue on solutions to the $5.7 trillion

Ministers and campaigners react to the news that the EU’s flagship climate change policy will not be urgently reformed, leading some to write it off as “irrelevant”

UNCCD’s Luc Gnacadja tells RTCC he cannot understand why the Ottawa Government decided to quit the convention

MEPs will vote on Tuesday to decide whether to go ahead with plans that supporters say will save the bloc’s emissions trading scheme

Government becomes latest to join private sector partnership to reduce deforestation as efforts through the UN continue to be mired in red tape and controversy

New report highlights acceleration of domestic level policies to combat climate change regardless of the lack of progress at the UNFCCC

Countries agree to increase cooperation ahead of 2015 global treaty on climate change

US Secretary of State John Kerry announces launch of Climate Change Working Group between both countries