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Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change dismisses reports in Economist that climate change will be less severe than once thought

Barack Obama’s nominee as Environment Protection Agency chief starts work today – and her inbox is likely to be full of tough choices

Support for a carbon tax within China appears to be growing after reports Lou Jiwei said this could take place “in some time”

Writing for RTCC, WWF’s Global Climate & Energy Initiative Samantha Smith says financial institutions need to cut their backing for coal, oil and gas

Climate mitigation and adaptation funds worth US$ 600 billion could be raised by targeting monies paid to the coal, oil and gas sectors

Leading US scientist says coal ash, toxic substances and power plan emissions should be priority for the next leader of the US Environmental Protection Agency

Pacific Island states agree to redouble efforts to secure agreement for a loss and damage scheme at UN climate talks

The Prime Minister promised to put green issues at the top of his agenda, but the delivery has been disappointing

Former climate and energy chief says flagship efficiency programme will not be a success until it receives more support from the top of government

Former UK climate envoy answers RTCC readers’ questions on Obama, China, David Cameron, loss and damage and World Bank funding for coal plants

John Kerry says climate will dominate this week’s US-China talks, as cooperation on carbon capture and energy efficiency announced

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls positions Labour the party of low carbon development, promising more support for renewables and a decarbonisation target

Dr Saleemul Huq from the IIED argues global solidarity and new technologies can be an effective antidote to the blame culture of international climate politics

US lawmakers back plans for deep space exploration but slash investment in agency’s climate research programmes

Respected climate diplomat calls on British Government to ditch neo-classical economic thinking and lead development of green economy

Leaders convene in Fiji for four day summit as rising tides and storms start to take toll on world’s most climate vulnerable countries

Clean Development Mechanism boosted by latest figures, but doubts remain over market’s ability to survive slump in price for carbon

Obama’s climate plans avoid confrontation with Republicans but giving them what they want good be the key to an effective carbon tax

President Francois Hollande calls for climate ambition but sacks ministers who try and cut emisisons – so what is going on in Paris?

Experts from government affiliated Energy Resources Institute say 2 degrees warming target is still realistic if China curbs pollution