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Tony Abbott accused of 'wilful blindness' on climate in first debate

Rudd and Abbott commit to 5% emissions reductions in Australia election debate, but say exceeding this would depend on international agreements

Bob Watson: IPCC must address slowdown in global warming

In the first of RTCC’s ‘Climate Leaders’ series, former UN climate science chief Bob Watson discusses forthcoming AR5 report and political implications

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Australia can achieve 25% emissions cut by 2020, concludes report

A report has found that Australia can deliver on its Copenhagen pledge to cut emissions by 25% by 2020

Ambitious 2015 UN targets depend on strong domestic legislation

Ambitious domestic legislation needs to pave the way for an international treaty, legislators conclude

Australia lacks resilience to climate change - report

Senate inquiry reports Australia is likely to witness extreme weather events with increasing intensity, but does not have the resilience to deal with it

Comment: the US looks like it's getting serious on climate change

Veteran climate analyst Saleemul Huq has just returned from the USA, where he observed a sea change in attitudes towards action on global emissions

Can Latin America's leaders balance climate and growth?

Climate policy is becoming a fixture on political agendas, but maintaining investment flows for green growth will be vital

Frustration grows at New Zealand’s climate change 'coma'

Weak emissions trading scheme and plans for oil and gas drilling raise questions over country’s climate strategy

Montreal Protocol may have prevented accelerated climate change

Although scientists didn’t know it at the time, the efforts back in 1987 to stop ozone depletion have prevented drastic changes to climate and hydrological cycles

Australia's climate change laws

Globe International analysis reveals what steps Australia is taking to cut greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate

Carbon tax takes centre stage as Australian election campaign starts

Election campaigning has kicked off in Australia with Tony Abbott pledging to make the abolition of the carbon tax his first priority

Climate change demands ‘new Manhattan project’

Former UK chief scientist Sir David King says solar energy has the potential to meet world’s needs, but calls for global reponse

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Figueres: China setting pace in climate change challenge

UN climate chief Christiana Figueres says the low carbon leadership of China’s government should be used an example worldwide

No plans for Marshall Islands climate evacuation says minister

Vice President Tony de Brum tells RTCC he’s confident islands will remain in existence, and says September climate summit in Majuro will be critical for ambition

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Gina McCarthy says EPA aims to spark US economic growth

New EPA chief speaks of the challenges and opportunities of uniting the environment and the economy at her inaugural lecture at Harvard Law School

Is 1.5C warming target still within reach?

Climate Action Network and Climate Analytics study says rapid investment in biomass, energy efficiency and carbon capture technologies required

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UK government unlikely to rethink "complacent" Arctic policies

The Foreign Office maintains its views on Arctic drilling, in spite of Environmental Audit Committee’s criticisms that it is “needlessly risky”

Marshall Islands demand “climate leadership” from Australia

Vice President says ‘big brothers’ Australia and New Zealand have vital role to play in taking political leadership on climate change

Small island states dismiss doubts over 2015 UN climate deal

Nauru Ambassador Marlene Moses says a global emissions agreement by 2015 is possible and an obligation

UN takes steps to boost demand for carbon market credits

New Grenada office will help Carribbean countries identify projects for the Clean Development Mechanism

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