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Lead negotiator Artur Runge-Metzger says progress on developing a framework for a 2015 deal has been made at Bonn session

Proposal from Alliance of Small Island States to focus on practical steps to cut carbon emissions receives generous welcome at UN talks in Bonn

Writing for RTCC, Greenpeace UK Political Director Ruth Davis argues this week’s collapse of talks at the UNFCCC indicates the process is alive and well

Current emissions and mitigation policies have left the world on a trajectory to warm by 4C by 2100, a new report by Climate Action Tracker warns

Analysts Ecofys and Sandbag warn EU climate ambitions need urgent shot in arm, calling for new emissions reductions target

Morning Summary: New storm barriers, flood walls, levies and sand dunes proposed for NYC in response to damage from Hurricane Sandy in 2012

Session dealing with implementation fails to resolve agenda dispute and will close on Friday without having begun its work

Exclusive: Oleg Shamanov tells Olga Dobridova he should not be blamed for holding up UN talks in Bonn, saying it is vital decision making rules are clarified

Consumption based emissions are high in rich coastal regions but industry is being concentrated in rural interior China

Agreement to cut potent greenhouse gases must be welcomed, but not at expense of efforts at UN climate talks to achieve binding carbon dioxide deal

Olga Dobrovidova on why a repeat of Russia’s indifference to the voluntary Climate and Clean Air Coalition could spell trouble for a binding UN emissions deal

United States and China agreed on Saturday to cooperate to phase down the production and use of the potent greenhouse gas hydrofluorocarbons

Report by UN Women and Mary Robinson Foundation recommends quotas and targeted funding to ensure a fairer gender balance throughout the process

A major part of the UN climate talks in Bonn remains in stasis for a fifth day after protests from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine over decision-making procedures

Bas Eickhout says events in the second half of 2013 can help EU rediscover its climate ambition

Venezuela was an early contender for the 2014 session but popular support is growing for Peru

Future of Clean Development Mechanism hinges on greater climate ambition around globe

Joy Hyvarinen from FIELD asks if the concept of ‘transitional justice’ should be applied to global climate negotiations

Controversial compensation mechanism could be vital as devastating effects of climate related weather events become clear

Talks on building a 2015 global climate deal resume but implementation strand of talks remains blocked