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Bangkok 2012

UK and EU senior climate negotiator Pete Betts says political conditions need to improve if world is to hit key climate change temperature goal

Edward Cameron and Yamide Dagnet from the World Resources Institute argue that the latest UNFCCC negotiations should be seen as a qualified success – but warn there is much work yet to do.

As the Bangkok talks come to a close, the LDCs and AOSIS come together to call on more developed countries to submit legally binding targets for the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol ahead of COP18 in Doha.

Discussions on Kyoto progress with the potential for three new members, retributions for those who don’t sign and ongoing questions surrounding the scale of emission cuts country’s are promising.

Reaction to UNFCCC negotiations from Greenpeace, WWF, Christian Aid, Practical Action, Third World Network, Union of Concerned Scientists & Environmental Defense Fund

Progress on several issues builds momentum ahead of Doha summit but questions remain on climate finance, the ambition of emission pledges and the tricky LCA track of negotiations.

Other key countries must raise ambition too but timing of US elections means crucial decision in Washington unlikely in time for Doha talks.

Pablo Solon says UN climate change negotiations should acknowledge that the goals of rich nations and big emerging economies pursuing “greenhouse gas intensive growth” are the same.

Latest Climate Action Tracker says more ambition vital from governments if world temperatures are to be controlled

The 2012 Democratic National Platform pledges support for international emissions deal, clean energy and fossil fuel subsidy cuts.

Julia Gillard’s government is close to signing up to the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol (KP2), a leading negotiator at the UN climate talks in Bangkok has told RTCC.

What is everyone talking about at the UN climate talks in Bangkok? Chris Wright from Adopt a Negotiator is a veteran of UNFCCC meetings – but the current discussions have left him scratching his head.

RTCC takes a brief look at discussions on the Durban Platform during the UN climate talks in Bangkok

The Green Climate Fund board may have met for the first time but there remain far too many unanswered questions on raising and spending cash to combat climate change.

State Department negotiator Jonathan Pershing calls for new climate treaty to value flexibility and dynamism over legal nature

Today’s top stories including UNFCCC talks in Bangkok continue amid concerns over lack of progress and Mitt Romney’s plan for climate change.

EU, Australia and New Zealand signal less ambition and more flexibility with pledges while least developed countries reiterate need for financial and logistical help to fight climate change at home.

Reports from UN climate talks in Bangkok suggest EU is now unlikely to enforce tougher emission targets, with one official describing further cuts as ‘wishful thinking’

The Long Term Cooperative Action negotiations are top of the agenda in Bangkok as countries disagree over its future and the developing vs developed nations rift widens.