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Bangkok 2012 - Kaleidoscope of visions for Durban Platform make path forward unclear

RTCC takes a brief look at discussions on the Durban Platform during the UN climate talks in Bangkok

Bangkok 2012 - USA accused of backtracking on legally binding UN climate treaty

State Department negotiator Jonathan Pershing calls for new climate treaty to value flexibility and dynamism over legal nature

UNFCCC parties hope Bangkok’s summer sun can thaw deep divisions sown in Bonn

Nine months on from what was billed as an ‘historic’ Durban Platform agreement, the UN climate change talks look in danger of sliding backwards again.

Comment: EU must be more strategic and open to cooperation in dealings with China on climate change

GLOBE International Secretary General Adam Matthews argues that now is time for EU to work more with China rather than bickering over climate policy positions at UNFCCC negotiations

Bonn 2012: What did the latest round of UN climate change talks achieve?

RTCC analyses what has been achieved at the 2012 UNFCCC Bonn Climate Conference

EU and poorest nations re-pledge climate ambition

EU and the poorest nations meet ahead of the Bonn talks to re-pledge their ambition but could finance be the real deal breaker on the road to Doha?

Lecture notes: Michael Zammit Cutajar on 20 years of climate talks

Notes from former UNFCCC Executive Secretary Michael Zammit Cuatajr’s lecture entitled: “20 years of talking: What have the global climate negotiations achieved?”

Climate comment: 24 months to shift global public opinion

In the first of a series of articles, Luke Hughes, Campaigns Officer of the UK’s Youth Climate Coalition, reflects on Durban and charts a course for future talks.

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India says the Rio+20 goals are designed to trap developing nations into binding emission cuts. But why is the world’s 4th largest economy so worried?

Philips chief: Have courage and follow our lead in fighting climate change

Business needs to have courage and take unilateral steps to lower emissions, according to Harry Verhaar, head of Energy and Climate Change at Philips Lighting.

Bill McKibben interview: Occupy, Keystone and his arrest

Veteran activist gives RTCC his thoughts on Durban protests, influence of green groups and the 2012 US Presidential elections.

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Key dates for your diary in 2012

Despite Mayan predictions the world will end in 2012, the year has all the makings of a cracker. Don’t miss the key political, economic and sporting dates with our interactive calendar.

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Apocalypse 2011: The year of climate alarms

2011 was a year of stark warnings from the scientific community, but lessons will be learnt going forward? RTCC took a look at the major findings from the past year.

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Stars of 2011: Canada's youth climate delegates

While Canada’s government tore up its commitments to the climate in 2011, the country’s youth movement thrived – and as a result are RTCC’s stars of the Year!

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A global deal: If not 2009, why 2015?

Hannah Ryder, senior economist with the UK’s Department for International Development and a former climate negotiator examines why a combination of science and economics could push a global deal on climate change over the line.

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Mixed results as REDD+ moves forward from Durban

With mixed results seen at COP17 regarding the REDD+ scheme, how do countries such as Tanzania who have already implemented pilot projects move forward?

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VIDEO: One family’s 10 year commute to Durban

Dario-Andri Schwörer and his family tell RTCC about their 10-year journey around the world en-route to COP17, powered entirely by wind, sun and elbow grease.

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Durban Platform leaves world on pathway to 4 degrees

COP17 kept the UN climate negotiations alive, but has it achieved anything for the environment? Tierney Smith takes a closer look.

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US: Canada’s Kyoto pull-out will have no effect on new global deal

Lead American negotiator Todd Stern says Kyoto was key to Durban Platform but is “more the past than the future”.

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What can we learn from Kyoto as Canada walks away

Protocol’s future is up in the air for another year so what lessons can be learned as work begins on global deal?