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World's poorest set to press rich nations for climate compensation

Whether or not rich countries should pay compensation to most vulnerable states expected to prove controversial at UN climate talks

Christiana Figueres: Global deal on climate complex but possible

Writing for RTCC, UN climate chief argues a universal climate change agreement is necessary and possible – but only if we migrate from the politics of blame to the politics of opportunity.

What next for REDD+ following Doha disappointment?

No agreed REDD+ text and key decisions postponed, but experts tell RTCC they still have faith in the scheme and believe countries do too

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What next for the UN climate talks after Doha?

Doha deal was hammered home in 60 seconds, but what was actually agreed during two weeks of intense negotiations?

Doha Gateway: What was agreed at COP18 climate summit

A brief rundown of the main decisions taken at the COP18 climate talks in Qatar

PwC: Doha experience proves 2015 treaty agreement will be tough

Climate process likely to get more difficult as 2015 approaches, while European investors call for domestic action to fill finance and emissions gap

Belarus threaten to leave Kyoto Protocol after Doha controversy

Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan could leave the UN’s climate treaty as a result of a late change to the terms of an extension period

Same old story from USA and Obama at UN climate talks

Despite promises in election victory speech, there were few signs of newfound urgency on climate change from US delegation at Doha COP18 summit

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Latest Climate Action Tracker, published hours after negotiations concluded reports Doha agreement has done nothing to prevent increased global warming

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UN climate chief dismisses Russia 'hot-air' protest in Doha

Christiana Figures says once Russian delegate has read texts agreed in Doha he will realise he has nothing to complain about.

Kyoto Protocol extended in Doha, but doubts over short term climate ambition

COP18: Agreement keeps process on track but does not increase efforts to tackle climate change as science recommends

Doha climate deal: EU, USA, Russia, Brazil, Africa & Pacific Island reaction

COP18: Russian outrage at COP decision overshadows extension to Kyoto Protocol

Greenpeace, WWF, Oxfam & Climate Action International reax to Doha deal

COP18: Environmental NGOs brand Doha climate summit as a missed opportunity, saying coal and oil industry will benefit

UN climate talks: Why is loss and damage so controversial?

COP18: Why have proposals to compensate vulnerable regions for climate-induced disasters suddenly become a make or break issue at the UN negotiations in Doha?

‘Loss and damage’ to make or break Doha climate talks

US response in dispute over new financial set up to issue climate compensation to worst hit nations threatens to define UN summit finale

COP18 Live: Latest news from Day 12 of Doha climate summit

BREAKING: UN adopts extension of Kyoto Protocol, loss and damage accepted, 2015 climate deal still on track

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Avaaz launch drive to boost US climate finance contributions

COP18: Campaign group calling on US citizens to email the White House and urge Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to offer more climate funding in Doha

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Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & UAE make mysterious climate pledge

COP18: Arab states say they are ready to submit Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), but have not said when they will do it or how ambitious these will be

Clock ticking for UN climate talks as tempers fray in Doha

COP18: Informal presidency stock take to convene later to establish if a deal is possible tonight, amid rumours ministers may take charge of running talks

Most vulnerable nations urged not to sign weak climate deal

COP18: NGO community rallies round poorest countries urging them not to sign up to a watered down deal at the UN climate talks in Doha.