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COMMENT: We should ‘climate proof’ the land to prevent some of the tragedies of a warmer world, says UN desertification chief

Climate change-related impacts on water and land likely to trigger rise in civil war and inter-ethnic clashes says report

Report released at UN land degradation summit in Namibia calls on governments to place economic value on soil, water, and trees

Forget coal plants and gas flaring: hungry goats are the latest threat to climate, say scientists studying the cause of degraded land in the Mongolian Steppe

UN chief says developed and developing countries need to accelerate the development of national drought policies

Writing for RTCC on Desertification Day 2013, UNCCD Executive Secretary Luc Gnacadja says it’s time to address this increasingly serious issue

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Severe land degradation is now affecting 168 countries across the planet, with associated costs of US$490 billion per year

As climate change exacerbates the problem, there is a danger that drought could sneak up on unprepared governments, warns UNCCD Exec-Secretary Luc Gnacadja

Today’s top headlines: US storms could threaten region’s ozone layer, EU Energy Commissioner praises unconventional fossil fuels and UNEP chief praises London Olympics.

Follow all the latest news and events from Rio+20 with the RTCC team on site.

UNCCD Executive Secretary explains why the role business will play in combating desertification is so important.

Talking to RTCC at the Bonn Climate Talks, UNCCD’s Sergio Bonilla calls for agriculture, land and soil to be central to talks both under the UNFCCC and at Rio this June.

As we enter the last 50 days before the UN Summit in Rio, RTCC kicks-off its coverage. Climate change, sustainable development and the green economy will dominate proceedings but how much can be achieved?

As RTCC launches Desertification Week, we examine what desertification means around the world and why it is so important.

Luc Gnacadja, Executive Secretary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, writes for RTCC ahead of Desertification Week about why it is important the image of desertification as an unstoppable monster is corrected so practical action can take place.

To end Desertification Week RTCC and the UNCCD bring you desertification scenes from around the world.

Positive action on desertification, climate change migration and sustainable biofuels, it’s been a busy week for climate change. Here’s what the team at RTCC has learnt this week.

How are climate change and desertification linked? And what increasing role are these having on migration patterns, particularly in regions hardest hit like the Sahel in Africa.

Duygu Kutluay writes for RTCC about how one project in Turkey is helping researchers to understand how to combat desertification on a number of levels in the country’s drylands.