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NEWS: European Commission revises rules for state aid, allowing EU member states to support fossil fuel generation

NEWS: High-level meetings at the EU see world’s three largest emitters agree to strengthen discussions on 2015 Paris treaty

Wind energy in Ireland good for security, economy jobs – and potentially the UK’s own targets, says new report

NEWS: Obama and EU leaders say sustainable economic growth impossible without climate action

Green groups and developing countries say Europe has lost ‘climate leader’s’ mantle after postponing new laws

Draft texts suggest EU leaders plan to postpone release of decarbonisation plans until October

Tight vote in the Environment Committee on aviation emissions saw EU stand up to international bullies, say MEPs

It sounds an easy solution, but ditching Russian gas and replacing it with renewables is fraught with difficulties

Transatlantic trade pact could boost shale gas industry by allowing companies to avoid courts and planning laws

City meets goals mainly as result of increased energy efficiency drive after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster

EU parliament votes overwhelmingly for partial ban on potent greenhouse gases used in fridges and airconditioners

Brazil, China and Saudi Arabia say they have no intention of discussing tough emission cuts at Bonn meeting

Two new studies highlight the supposed risks of long-term investment in fossil fuels

EU negotiators agree tentative deal that stops the clock longer on emissions trading for intercontinental flights

Tension with gas supplier Russia to spur push for domestic energy, but not only renewables would benefit

Criteria for submitting pledges for proposed global emissions reduction deal tops agenda for bloc

New energy and climate minister Rasmus Helveg Petersen he is focused on EU agreeing tougher goals at March summit

Cash-strapped companies that built too many coal and gas plants are lobbying strongly against tough EU targets

Merkel and Hollande say a new cross-border venture will promote renewables, help hasten move away from fossil fuels

European cities alliance writes to European Council chief asking for tough new 2030 low carbon goals