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EU commits to cut emissions "at least" 40% by 2030 in UN pledge

NEWS: Ministers in Brussels approve target for 2015 Paris climate deal, making bloc second after Switzerland to publish official submission

EU vows to preserve climate ambition in use of forests

NEWS: Climate Commissioner Canete tells RTCC there will be “no backsliding” from current climate commitments

UK warns Brussels against "watering down" EU climate targets

NEWS: Secretary of State Ed Davey writes to Commission, says credibility of Brussels leadership on climate change is at stake

The EU's attempt to take leadership at UN climate talks is lame

COMMENT: Brussels wins the prize for announcing its climate pledge first, but it has missed an opportunity to ensure Paris helps poorer countries

Comment & Analysis
Europe releases vision for Paris climate change deal

NEWS: Brussels climate chief Canete says US and China must follow EU and reveal commitments to a 2015 UN pact

EU vote bolsters flagging emissions trading scheme

NEWS: Parliament votes to hold back oversupply of carbon allowances in “game changing” move for EU climate action

EU "backtracks" on climate goals in UN pledge, say experts

NEWS: Adding huge carbon sinks to UN climate pledge could let other sectors face lighter carbon cuts and weaken 2030 goal

EU targets 60% global carbon cuts by 2050 in leaked climate plan

NEWS: Commission wants UN to target global goal of cutting carbon emissions 60% below 2010 levels by 2050

Economists warn of "lost decade" risk for EU carbon market

NEWS: Ahead of key European Parliament vote next Tuesday, researchers urge early reform to prop up flagship climate policy

G20 climate pledges likely to determine success of Paris summit

INTERVIEW: Commitment from handful of major economies to addressing global warming is critical, says top EU official Artur Runge Metzger

Europe to reveal UN climate deal pledge on February 25

NEWS: Brussels set to be first bloc to reveal contribution to global emissions cutting deal as next set of UN talks draw close

One fifth of proposed EU fund investment high carbon, high risk

NEWS: Money for coal, roads and airports will hurt climate goals warn analysts at UK environmental consultancy E3G

European lawmakers fail to approve carbon market reforms

NEWS: Future of the EU flagship climate policy remains uncertain after inconclusive industrial committee vote

Fate of EU carbon market hangs in the balance

NEWS: European lawmakers vote on critical reforms to the emissions trading system on Thursday

EU plans diplomatic offensive ahead of Paris climate deal

NEWS: Brussels leaders will meet on Monday to discuss strategy for raising global climate ambition ahead of UN talks

China and US drove renewable investment growth in 2014

NEWS: A slumping oil price did not dampen enthusiasm for clean energy in 2014, as data shows global investment grew 16%

EU climate official vows to protect heavy polluters

NEWS: Jos Debelke says Brussels is committed to climate leadership, but will ensure steel, cement industries get help to comply with regulations

Laimdota Straujuma, prime minister of Latvia, is making climate change a priority in her country's 6-month presidency of the EU council (Pic: Flickr/Saeima)

News: Latvia has made climate action a priority of its EU Council presidency, so where next for the bloc?

EU-backed study to explore climate and migration links

NEWS: Many millions of people may be forced to leave their homes in future due to changes in climate

EU decides to ratify Kyoto Protocol extension

NEWS: Move by Brussels offers some integrity to beleaguered treaty, one year before UN hopes to agree global climate deal