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EU mulls climate finance package ahead of Paris summit

NEWS: Luxembourg presidency proposes ‘toolbox’ to showcase funding amid fears cash drought could poision UN talks

Brazil, Indonesia climate pledges due within weeks - EU commissioner

NEWS: Miguel Arias Canete calls on all countries to submit national contributions to the UN for global deal

Why are big EU polluters moaning about carbon leakage?

ANALYSIS: Industries like cement and steel threaten to move jobs overseas if the price of emissions rises, in a challenge to climate goals

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EU carbon market compromise pleases no-one

NEWS: Environmentalists criticise freebies to polluters, while business lobby claims carbon costs will drive manufacturing overseas

EU moves towards ratifying Kyoto Protocol extension

NEWS: Brussels says bloc will sign off beleaguered treaty before successor crafted at key climate summit

Battle over carbon freebies ahead of EU policy launch

NEWS: As heavy industries lobby for carbon price relief, experts warn against weakening flagship EU climate policy

EU-China summit ends with climate pledge imminent

NEWS: Global heavyweights sign climate change agreement in step-change in sino-European relations

Euroland: psyched and ready for climate charm offensive

ANALYSIS: The EU has its climate negotiating priorities set out on six foot banners, but will it get its way in Paris?

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EU unveils Morocco summit to gauge climate pledges

NEWS: Appraisal of power of UN country submissions to curb global warming set for October, but organiser unsure who will show

China, EU to talk long term emissions goal - Canete

NEWS: Power brokers to home in on climate at 29 June meet, while China may unveil critical carbon-cutting pledge, sources say

G7 poised for historic call to phase out fossil fuel emissions

NEWS: Delegates at summit indicate Angela Merkel has won battle for group of seven to target carbon pollution end

G7 set for critical climate talks as Paris summit looms

ANALYSIS: Bloc of leading developed nations primed to tackle climate goals as Angela Merkel steps up in crunch year

Judge Paris on participation, not CO2 cuts - Polish minister

INTERVIEW: Marcin Koroloc on Paris talks, differentiation, EU unity and why the ETS is on a hiding to nothing

US, EU fall flat on cutting forest emissions

NEWS: Follow Mexico’s lead, world’s 2nd and 3rd emitter told as emissions pledge for climate pact freeze out forests, study says

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Europe needs new energy policy as nuclear giants stumble

ANALYSIS: French-led nuclear industry faces unpromising future after string of technical faults, cost overruns and delays

European Commission drops demand to cut fossil fuel subsidies

NEWS: Bloc accused of ‘cowardice’ after wiping requests to ditch billion-dollar bumps for coal and oil from annual review of member states

EU, China set to announce climate pact late summer

NEWS: Carbon markets and green investment flows on agenda for economic superpowers ahead of Paris climate summit

EU-Swiss carbon market link raises fears of diluted climate ambition

NEWS: Carbon Market Watch calls for safeguards as emissions trading pact sets precedent for China and South Korea tie-ins

EU to take carbon market decision the size of Cambodia

NEWS: The difference between two options on reforms to key climate policy is 153 million tonnes CO2, say analysts

Leaked: EU confident plans for UN climate deal progressing

NEWS: China, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Australia set to deliver pledges by June; countries open to international ambition review