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Green Climate Fund

Green Climate Fund partners with Deutsche Bank to green fury

NEWS: German giant’s financing of global coal projects prompts environmentalists to question UN fund’s integrity

Top coal funder Deutsche Bank to become Green Climate Fund partner

NEWS: German giant one of 13 new organisations to join forces with flagship fund, but questions raised over fossil fuel backing

Green Climate Fund shortlists projects worth $500m

NEWS: UN-backed fund has identified “promising” ideas and aims to get first cash flowing to poor countries by December

Green Climate Fund says it's funded and open for business

NEWS: Japan delivers $1.5 billion to allow funds for clean energy projects in developing world to start flowing ahead of Paris summit

US, Japan and Canada miss Green Climate Fund donation deadline

NEWS: Officials say Paris climate deal depends on effective GCF, but without cash warn they cannot invest in developing countries

Print money for climate finance, central banks told

NEWS: German think-tank proposes issuing Green Climate Bonds to raise billions for low carbon technology and climate adaptation in poor countries

Former UN climate chief Yvo de Boer defends coal finance

NEWS: Politicians “too cowardly” to back carbon price, which would offer better climate benefits than attacking coal, says de Boer

No ban on coal finance as Green Climate Fund eyes first projects

NEWS: After lengthy talks in Songdo, UN-backed climate finance scheme has loose lending criteria for first funding proposals

Green Climate Fund names 7 investment partners

NEWS: National bodies in Senegal and Peru, non-profit social investors Acumen and Pacific island fund SPREP approved to disburse funds

MEPs urged to back human rights safeguards on climate finance

NEWS: Hydropower and coal projects funded by rich countries have been linked to human rights abuses, NGOs tell European lawmakers

Green Climate Fund urged to ban coal funding

NEWS: Revelations Japan is using climate funds to invest in coal power put UN’s flagship fund under pressure to agree fossil fuel ban

UK government Green Bank to invest in Africa and India

NEWS: State-backed bank given £200 million to back overseas clean development projects and boost private sector funding flows

What next for the Green Climate Fund?

ANALYSIS: With clock ticking for Fund to start delivering cash, board meets in Korea to discuss how it will leverage billions in private sector funds

Should the Green Climate Fund back waste to energy plants?

COMMENT: Burning trash is polluting, expensive and inefficient say zero waste campaigners, and should not receive backing from low carbon funds

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Green Climate Fund looks to crowdfunding for cash boost

NEWS: Innovative platform could attract wider range of investors as GCF seeks to expand private sector links, say officials

North-South climate finance lower than advertised – UN

NEWS: Experts say confusion over what does and does not qualify as green funds must be clarified by UN summit in Paris later this year

Citi doubles climate finance pledge to $100bn over 10 years

NEWS: America’s third largest bank has channeled more than US$50 billion into climate friendly projects since 2007

Obama pledges $500m for Green Climate Fund in 2016 budget

NEWS: Billions to be channeled towards climate measures in US president’s 2016 budget

With $10bn banked, what next for the Green Climate Fund?

COMMENT: Money on its own is not enough – countries need to learn how to use finance more efficiently and transparently

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Australia pledges $165 million to Green Climate Fund

NEWS: Key fund passes $10bn after unexpected climate finance pledge by Australian foreign minister