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Human impact on glacier melt increasing - study

NEWS: Scientific studies show increasing human impact on glaciers; Antarctic ice melt faster than thought

Leading climate economist accused of "distorting" research

NEWS: Frank Ackerman says 2013 paper by Richard Tol, used by IPCC, minimises economic risks of climate change

UK MPs say IPCC climate change report's findings must be accepted

THE GUARDIAN: Energy and climate change committee says UN climate science panel processes have improved since last major report

Prompt global action can cut the cost of going carbon neutral

NEWS: Ambitous climate deal in 2015 can cut climate costs for the rest of the century says senior UN official

Saudis accused of deleting part of UN climate science report

NEWS: British scientist expresses his surprise when parts of IPCC text were ‘mutilated’ at April meeting in Berlin

IPCC should show the human face of climate science – report

NEWS: The UN’s science reports need to be ‘more like CERN’ to have an impact on policy, says study

Green credentials of fracking 'exaggerated', says IPCC author

NEWS: Yacob Mulugetta tells RTCC he was surprised by level of focus given to role of gas in cutting emissions post WG3 report

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1.5C climate target 'out of range', says IPCC chair

NEWS: Efforts to stop warming above 1.5C no longer possible, says Edenhofer, with dire consequences for small island states

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Climate challenge needs radical policies and technologies

ANALYSIS: Latest IPCC report highlights level of ambition required to slash carbon emissions 50% by 2050

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UN report removes carbon targets for rich versus poor countries

NEWS: IPCC study offers new focus on regional groupings, smoothing historical divide between global north and south

Cities hold the key to addressing climate change, says UN panel

NEWS: Smart planning of urban environments can spawn more efficient transport and energy use, says IPCC

Cutting CO2 emissions saves money, says UN climate panel

ANALYSIS: Costs of global transition to clean energy sources smaller than expected, and could offer huge benefits

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IPCC report: we have the tools, now it's time for a tough UN climate deal

COMMENT: Bangladesh climate envoy says world has opportunity to avoid dangerous levels of global warming

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IPCC report: Difficulty of carbon emissions cuts 'in the mind'

NEWS: Support or opposition to climate policies determined by ‘emotional factors’ says UN panel, highlighting political challenge

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IPCC report: Urgent UN climate deal needed to meet CO2 targets

NEWS: Immediate and full participation in global climate agreements needed to curb temperature rises, says UN panel

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IPCC report: Bet your house on low carbon energy growth

NEWS: Wind, solar and hydro will have to shoulder four fifths of the global power supply by 2050 to meet carbon targets

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IPCC report: Gas just a short term fix to cut CO2 levels

ANALYSIS: Shale gas can help address climate change say UN panel, but will have to be cut substantially by 2050

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UN: Radical action needed to avert climate catastrophe

NEWS: IPCC warns swift transition to renewables needed to avoid dangerous temperature rise, but changes are affordable

IPCC WG3: Reaction as UN launches third climate report

NEWS: Views from John Kerry, Christiana Figueres, Ed Davey plus leading NGOs and business groups

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Confusion over climate costs undermined IPCC message

ANALYSIS: Image of scientists bickering with Richard Tol weakened public perception of consensus within IPCC

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