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Muslim leaders tell petropowers to lead on climate change

NEWS: Islamic declaration on climate change calls on rich and oil producing states to lead according to religious principles

Islamic leaders to release climate change declaration

NEWS: Istanbul summit will issue statement urging Muslims to treat action on global warming as a religious duty

Senegalese imam declares 'green jihad' on pollution

NEWS: Islamic leader in West African country says aggression towards the environment is a sin and must be stopped

Muslim scholars name climate change as dire threat

NEWS: Islamic declaration adds to growing pressure religious leaders exert on richer nations to reduce impact on Earth’s climate

After the Pope's plea, what do other faiths think on climate?

ANALYSIS: Scholars from Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and leading evangelicals explain why the environment matters to their religion

Ban Ki-moon urges Catholics to embrace climate action

NEWS: UN secretary general stresses the scientific consensus on climate change and praises Pope Francis’ leadership at Vatican summit

Anglican bishops lead Holy week call for global climate action

NEWS: Church leaders write to 85 million strong congregation urging them to call for tough UN pact to address global warming

Carbon Fast Calendar: 40 days of Lenten green living

BLOG: Don’t want to quit chocolate? Cut down on carbon instead, suggests Global Catholic Climate Movement

Tonga's King talks climate change with Pope Francis

NEWS: King of Tonga discusses environment with the Pope, as Vatican gets its first Tongan Cardinal

Catholics across globe to hold 40-day fast for the climate

NEWS: Catholics in 45 countries hope to send a climate message through their Lenten chain of fasting

Polluting the planet is a betrayal of God, says Pope Francis

NEWS: The Pope called on young Filipinos to take care of the planet, after visiting Haiyan-struck town of Tacloban

Pope Francis criticises 'lack of courage' in climate talks

NEWS: On a tour of Sri Lanka and the Philippines, the Pope made clear he blames human activity for climate change

Pope urged to divest from fossil fuels as he visits Philippines

NEWS: Campaigners call on Pope Francis to show his support for victims of climate change by taking on vested interests

Pope Francis backs global efforts to tackle climate change

NEWS: Head of Roman Catholic church says global warming is a “social justice” issue, confirms encyclical on environment due in 2015

Desmond Tutu: Rejoice in opportunities for a cleaner planet

NEWS: Archbishop leads church service in Copenhagen to mark the release of the UN’s IPCC science report

World's religions unite for New York climate summit

NEWS: Leaders from Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and other communities to gather ahead of Ban Ki-moon climate summit

Pope Francis laments "sin" of environmental destruction

NEWS: Head of Catholic church warns destruction of rainforests and Earth’s ecosystems is humanity’s greatest challenge

UN to back Pope Francis statement on 'human ecology'

NEWS: UN will support Pope Francis’ expected encyclical on man’s relationship with the planet, says Christiana Figueres

Church of England considers divesting from fossil fuels

Church agrees to take a more active stance on climate change, including reexamination of where they invest their funds

Plans for sustainable Abu Dhabi eco-Mosque get approval

Building designed by architecture student includes state of the art heat-blocking structure, water capture, roof gardens and solar panels.