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43 leading financial institutions including World Bank plan to cut credit for companies which rely on them but fail to value them

Group of oil producing nations looks to keep clean energy targets out of new sustainable development poverty framework

UN chief says national leaders have urgent responsibility to ‘craft policies’ that will protect future generations

JosĂ© Manuel Barroso says the EU is committed to a 2015 global climate deal and expects its‘partners’ to show more ambition next year

Youth Profile #21: The Global Youth Music Contest share their vision of enthusing young people about climate change and sustainability

If you suspend your cynicism long enough, an emerging pattern in the corporate world suggests the dawn of the new, more organic corporation is upon us, and they care about climate change.

Major Group for Children and Youth releases documentary revealing disappointment at Rio+20 final text and determination to open a new dialogue with world leaders

Rio Minister Adriana Rattes tells RTCC Olympics can spur investment in public transport and ‘green’ building across city

The Million Moms Challenge gives the parental perspective on the “Future We Want” and the former UN climate change chief calls for a change of focus at negotiations he used to lead.

Countries block HFCs phase-out at Montreal Protocol meeting in direct contradiction to the Rio+20 outcome document signed last month.

Consultancy firm says summit’s political inaction highlights how private sector now leads governments on sustainable development, not the other way as at Rio ‘92

Climate change and sustainability campaigning as well as low-carbon products and services are increasingly opting for blue rather than green. Is the trend about branding or a shift in priorities for the environmental movement.

Aviva Investors Chief Responsible Investment Officer says ‘short term thinking’ and protectionism stopped proposal that could have forced global business to be transparent about ecological and social impacts

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has hit back at critics of the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development by claiming it was an important victory for multilateralism

An increased role for women in climate and sustainable development talks is vital a panel of world leaders tell RTCC.

Amid accusations that the private sector “hijacked” Rio+20 and left as the happiest party, was the conference on sustainability really the boon for business that some claim it to be?

What environmental frontiers emerged as the winners from the Rio+20 outcome document?

While proposals in the final text were weak, some important ones didn’t even make it into the document. RTCC looks at five ideas for climate change action that didn’t make the grade.

Former President of Costa Rica says governments will only respond when they see action at home.

As civil society groups across the globe denounce politicians for their lack of action, is it time for a new era where the individual and the collective take on the challenge?