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NEWS: Data submitted to UN reveals US is over halfway to meeting its 2020 climate change target

NEWS: Bill payers will receive a welcome bank account boost this month, as state’s carbon policies start to pay off

NEWS: New strategy could reduce US greenhouse gas emissions by 1% by 2020, says White House

Lawmakers maintain climate vigil on Capitol Hill, warning of economic and human costs that could hit US in warmer world

US Secretary of State ignores recent criticism to ram home commitment to new UN climate deal

Final decision from President Obama expected in summer as battle over tar sands pipeline heats up

Influential diplomat says ambitious UN deal still on cards despite polarised atmosphere on Capitol Hill

New study reveals 66 countries now have legislation governing climate mitigation and adaptation plans

US Secretary of State follows up comments on climate action with call for more marine protection zones

Gina McCarthy says Administration is committed to more pollution cuts despite recent Supreme Court challenge

US President says fate of Keystone pipeline is still uncertain, as Republicans start new campaign against carbon cutting

New regulations scheduled for 2016 could cut carbon pollution in USA by 10% say Sierra Club

Secretary of State tells audience in Indonesia unlimited carbon emissions could create a ‘fearsome’ weapon

Early submission to UN reveals White House support for flexible deal involving developed and developing nations

Reports from Washington DC suggest Obama Administration has held series of meeting to discuss possible climate strategies

Presidents of France and USA issue statement ahead of summit to discuss economy, security and global warming

US Secretary of State tells security experts climate challenge requires “collective leadership”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says energy efficiency drive will generate new jobs and boost economic productivity

President says he will use executive powers to curb use of coal, but defends plans to use more gas and oil

US president’s climate ambition faces tough test as mid-term elections and hostile Congress limit room to manouevre in 2014