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On climate change, Obama don’t need no 'anger translator'

BLOG: POTUS gets irate in skit on US inaction on climate change as he ribs critics at annual Correspondent’s Dinner at White House

Hillary Clinton: US can be clean energy superpower

NEWS: The former secretary of state says there is a “false choice” between environmental protection and economic growth

Obama promotes Africa energy links at White House summit

NEWS: US president Barack Obama champions electricity for Africa and insists business leaders accept climate change

Green groups protest transatlantic trade deal

NEWS: Green activists are protesting a trans-Atlantic trade deal they say could harm the environment

Kerry hints at "common ground" between US and China  on climate

NEWS: US Secretary of State says this week’s climate talks have been productive, but warns of further challenges

US and China set for latest climate change discussions

NEWS: Climate change is key focus at US-China economic dialogue in Beijing, as countries’ relationship comes under strain

Obama administration announces $4 billion US clean energy fund

NEWS: Loan guarantees aim to boost flagging renewables sectors, under pressure from cheaper fossil fuels

US turning red as summer temperatures soar

NEWS: New analysis by team at Climate Central illustrates how summer temperatures have been steadily rising since 1970

Lessons from Rhode Island: How to pass climate laws in the USA

COMMENT: East Coast state’s new climate change law shows legislators must deal with mitigation and adaptation together

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Rhode Island signs off new climate change law

NEWS: East Coast state targets 80% greenhouse gas emissions cut below 1990 levels by 2050

North Carolina air pollution cuts 'saved lives'

NEWS: Improving air quality linked with fewer deaths from lung disease and pneumonia say scientists

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Obama climate plan will deliver only a quarter of pledged 2030 cuts

ANALYSIS: New US proposals likely to be tip of new carbon cuts as country seeks to meet international targets

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US carbon cuts will leave world 'safer and more stable' says Obama

NEWS: Obama’s climate rules show international leadership, but environmentalists will push for tougher targets

What does the world think about new US carbon cuts?

NEWS: Reaction from ministers, UN officials and NGOs as White House unveils plan to cut CO2 pollution

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Walmart: Tackling climate change is not a PR stunt

NEWS: Business driving grocery giant’s green ambitions, says VP, revealing new push on energy intensity targets

Why is the US wind industry in the doldrums?

ANALYSIS: US wind power data suggest a poor 2014, confounding industry forecasts

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US national landmarks face critical climate threat - report

PICTURES: Study from Union of Concerned Scientists cites State of Liberty, Alaska’s permafrost and NASA’s coast facilities at risk

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Coal central to US emissions trajectory, says Energy Dept

NEWS: Coal and nuclear provide more than half of the country’s electricity, with the future mix central to the USA’s climate ambitions

How long can the fracking revolution last?

ANALYSIS: Water shortages and concerns over fugitive emissions are causing some to question how long shale drilling will last

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US carbon emissions down 10% since 2005, says EPA

NEWS: Data submitted to UN reveals US is over halfway to meeting its 2020 climate change target