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Youth Profile #22: As life in Cameroon is changed by climate change, one group of young people aims to provide children with the tools they need to drive climate education.

Youth Profile #21: The Global Youth Music Contest share their vision of enthusing young people about climate change and sustainability

Youth Profile #20: Krishneil Narayan from Project Survival Pacific tells to RTCC about how important education is for people living on the frontline of climate change

Youth Profile #19: As part of RTCC’s youth profile series we spoke to the AYCM about why Arab countries must take the lead on climate change as Qatar host this year’s UN conference.

Youth Profile #18: Thabit Jacob tells RTCC how young scientists across Africa are using research to highlight the role of indigenous knowledge in tackling climate change.

Youth Profile #17: Severin Apedjagbo from the Young Volunteers for the Environment (JVE) explains how one group meeting in a rural community in Togo has spread climate adaptation across Africa.

Youth Profile #16: Billy Batware from United for Education and Sustainable Futures talks about how important education is to eradicating violence, poverty and climate change in the developing world.

Youth Profile #15: The government may have walked out on the Kyoto Protocol but the country’s youth still has a strong voice pushing for climate action.

Youth Profile #14: Costa Rica is one of the world’s smaller countries, but in the world of climate change it stands tall – led by a dynamic youth movement

Jessica Douthwaite, Education Officer at Make the Link Climate exChange talks about the group’s latest project aimed at giving young people a chance to get involved in the decision making process in the EU.

In the latest RTCC Youth Profile, Lucy Patterson from Push Europe tells RTCC that it is time countries stopped blocking greater ambition in the continent’s global climate change targets.

In the 11th of RTCC’s youth series, Cao Yuan from the China Youth Climate Action Network talks about the work they are doing getting the young people’s voices heard on climate change, both in China and on the international stage.

In the latest in RTCC’s Youth Series we head to Australia and discover how local coalitions are holding Julia Gillard’s government to account

In the ninth of the RTCC Youth Series we talk to Chris Castro from IDEASforUs about driving sustainability in US campuses, the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship and taking the group global.

In the eighth in a series of youth profiles, we speak to Jamal Musah from the Ghana Youth Climate Coalition – one of Africa’s newest climate change groups.

In RTCC’s latest youth profile Putri Ayusha from Transformasi Hijau talks about changing behavior in Indonesia – the world’s third largest emitter.

Despite its size and number of voices it represents Africa struggles to get its message heard at the major climate meetings. The African Youth Initiative on Climate Change aims to change that for good.

In the fifth in RTCC’s youth series, Abdullah Al Razwan Nabin from the Bangladesh Youth Movement for Climate talks about building capacity in the world’s 2nd most vulnerable country.

In the fourth of RTCC’s Youth Action series Rajan Thapa from the Nepalese Youth for Climate Action talks about mobilising youth in one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change.

In the third of RTCC’s Youth Action series, Amara Possian form the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition talks about youth empowerment, international negotiations and the creativity young people bring to the process.