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24 CODEX: Data driven decision:                                       36
                      public policy framework

        2 6 SIGNIFY:
                      Time to give energy efficiency
                      measures the green light

        2 8 SIMPLE ORGANIC:
                      The mission to democratize
                      sustainable beauty

                      Shopping centres: communities'
                      link to sustainability

       32 LACES GROUP: Reducing climate
                      impact with a beauty ecosystem

        3 4 M ALWEE GROUP:
                      To save our planet
                      we need action today

        3 6 A KZONOBEL: Pioneering a
                      sustainable future for paints and
                      coatings. AkzoNobel’s commitment
                      to People. Planet. Paint.

                      Carbon-free logistics: electric
                      vehicles already a reality in our

        4 0 PORTS OF PARANÁ:
                      Sustainable port development


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