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Moss                                                                                               Connect with Moss.Earth:
                                                                                                   Website, Instagram, Discord, Twitter
Based in Brazil, Moss is a one-stop shop for carbon transactions: a project
developer and a platform that provides carbon credit offset transactions
to individuals and companies of any size. Their carbon credits, tokens and
flows are audited and certified by the world’s largest companies, including
Armanino, Perkins Coie and Python. More than 300 companies use Moss’s
custom solutions for offsetting.

the credibility and trust of these registries   (a set of rules) in which one inputs data on       used by the incumbent players. Many people
for running the databases. But, since they      one side and gets potential carbon credits         and the media wrongly criticize carbon
use outdated technology, they are prone to      as outputs on the other side. Currently,           credits because they don’t understand the
human error, hacker attacks, power failures,    especially in our era of artificial intelligence,  protocol for issuance. If we had the process
etc. Blockchain allows for permissionless       optical character recognition and                  of establishing the rules for issuance open
and anonymous, decentralized management         automation via coding, none of this work of        to all, in a public way, with the advantage of
of such information and transactions. And,      certifying processes and protocols needs to        dynamic governance, instead of meetings
best of all, it eliminates the risk of “double  be done by hand. In fact, many institutions        behind closed doors by committees elected
spending.” Historically, carbon offsets         have begun using digital databases and             in political or unclear ways, we probably
(synonymous to carbon credits) have             artificial intelligence for the determination      would legitimize the creation of carbon
unfortunately a bad reputation for having       and immediate automatic issuance of                credits and trust the system a lot more.
been used more than once, or sold more than     carbon credits.
once, or sold when there is no project behind                                                      Via blockchain we can make the process
it. The use of blockchain has eliminated this   DAOS FOR THE PLANET                                of issuing carbon assets and remunerating
risk and added significant value to the chain.  Finally, the best and most appropriate use of      conservation fast, cheap and credible. And
                                                blockchain and web 3.0 is the determination        reach the small conservation project that has
The second hat worn by registries is also       of the protocol. This process could currently      been priced out of the system. Let’s hope
replaceable by technology, especially           be conducted via a DAO, a decentralized            that the world recognizes this in time for us
blockchain, nowadays. One can currently         autonomous organization. The use of                to save it.
reflect the various data sets, like satellite   blockchain governance in a DAO would allow
imaging, into blockchain, thus rendering        for the various stakeholders to critique and
needless the auditing of the veracity of the    contribute to the creation of the protocol,
data. At the end of the day, certification      in a collaborative, open source way, as
protocols are nothing more than algorithms      opposed to the sometimes obscure process

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