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More frequent and intense droughts, storms, heat waves, rising sea levels, melting glaciers and warming
oceans are all key indicators of climate change.

Such changing conditions put our agriculture,    of new trees with the ultimate aim of saving     increases human exposure to zoonotic
health, water supply and more at risk. This      ecosystems from destruction and protecting       diseases.
can directly harm animals, destroy the places    the planet from damage.
they live and wreak havoc on people’s                                                             The importance and value of Earth’s
livelihoods and communities. As climate          Restore lost biodiversity                        ecosystems is so clear that caring for and
change worsens, dangerous weather events         Our forests are home to more than 80% of         respecting them is part of AMEA Power’s
are becoming more frequent or severe.            the species that live on Earth. According        strategy towards the UN Sustainable
                                                 to The State of the World’s Forests 2020         Development Goals (SDG). Specifically,
Desertification, or loss of fertile, productive  (FAO) they house more than 60,000 species        SDG15: Life in terrestrial ecosystems
soil, is a problem which is exacerbating         of tree, 80% of amphibians, 75% of birds         protect, restore and promote their
climate change, as the diminishing number        and 68% of mammals. Their destruction            sustainable use.
of trees on the planet is worsening the          and disappearance is driving hundreds of
greenhouse effect. One solution to this is       species to extinction despite the efforts of           “Forests are more than just
reforestation. Despite its drawbacks, it is      conservationists.                                      trees, effective barriers to
still an option for re-greening thousands of                                                            prevent flooding, increase
hectares.                                        Reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air         biodiversity, filter air pollution,
                                                 Human beings’ activities cause annual                  improve water and soil quality,
Life on Earth could not survive without          emissions of around 40 Gt CO2. Half of                 benefit local communities and
forests. Forests and oceans are the lungs of     these gases end up in the atmosphere where             they are the ultimate carbon
the planet and have a crucial role in the fight  they contribute to global warming, and the             capture and storage machines.
against climate change because they absorb       other half is absorbed by forests and oceans.
20 billion tonnes of CO2 per year.               Reforestation is crucial for our very survival:        At AMEA Power, we are
                                                 our forests are carbon sinks and essential             working in line with UN
Almost a third of the planet is covered by       for stopping climate change. Without them,             Sustainable Development
forests, that is equivalent to 40.6 billion      the average temperature of the planet will             Goals across all our Project
hectares. These enormous forested areas are      continue to increase, and so will sea levels.          Portfolio in order to promote
essential to our survival: the water we drink,   Glaciers and polar ice caps will keep melting          deforestation-free supply
the food we eat and the air we breathe.          among other climate effects.                           chains and reforestation
However, we are destroying our very source                                                              projects as well as to prevent
of life: humankind is cutting down 13 million    Reverse soil erosion and restore water basins          escalation on biodiversity and
hectares of forest each year.                    The trees in the forest hold back the                  climate crisis”.
                                                 wind and rainfall, protecting the soil from
Our overexploitation of natural resources,       erosion. Eroded, infertile soil is no good for        Vito Saluto – Head ESG
by cutting down trees and building ever-         farming and is at risk of landslides and flash
larger cities, is the main human cause of        flooding. Reforestation is a remedy to this
desertification, but there are others that are   situation, which is also being made worse
not related to it. These activities are causing  by indiscriminate tree felling, preserving soil
irregular rainfall and seasonal drought, soil    fertility with deep roots. Water basins also
erosion and impoverishment, and forest fires     come back to life when they recover their
caused by climate change. In light of this       nutrients.
situation, reforestation has become one of
the most effective strategies for turning this   Protecting human health
trend around.                                    Deforestation and its effect on the
                                                 environment not only deprive people of
REFORESTATION, GOALS AND BENEFITS                essential nutrients, but are also the main
Reforestation consists of replanting             sources of transmission of emerging
deforested areas to restore forests destroyed    infectious diseases, including COVID-19.
in the recent past. The destruction of large     A total of 75% of these diseases (including
forests, which are essential to absorb CO2,      bird flu, ebola and monkey-pox) are
produce oxygen and palliate climate change,      transmitted from wildlife to people. Forest
make it necessary to plant huge numbers          degradation without optimal reforestation

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