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HOW AMEA CARRY OUT REFORESTATION                priorities and preferences to select native
AND AFFORESTATION PLANS                         tree species for reforestation.
To reforest a piece of land spoilt by
indiscriminate felling, fires or deforested by  Select plant species
climate change, it is necessary to prepare      AMEA Power ensure always to plant local
a proper plan. Reforestation needs to be        native species, and depending on the case
sustainable, in other words, it is not just a   might also include fast-growing species that
question of planting trees. Let’s take a look   are compatible with the soil and climate.
at some of aspects to be considered.            It is important to have good quality forest
                                                germplasm, and ideally the nursery of origin
Site study                                      should be no more than 100 kilometres
As a first step, AMEA Power analyses            away. The manner and time at which the
the lands and the conditions of the area        trees are transported is also important to
surrounding its projects: from the soil —       avoid the heat of the sun and strong wind.
depth, texture, fertility to the climate — dry
or wet season (there must be moisture) and      Choose a planting method
the type of local fauna and flora that live in  First prepare the soil, it’s important to select
the ecosystem. It’s important to map the        the right tools and opt for the least invasive
local livestock activities, in order to reduce  technique. Tree height and coverage of each
any negative aspects since reforestation /      new plant must be considered so that they do
afforestation, if not properly studied, might   not interfere with each other. The plantation
inhibit from entering certain sites. This       does not end with the forest germplasm, but
impact can be reduced by allowing the           must also include a follow-up plan.
graziers to graze in some other lands and
organising the paths that they can take.        Establish a protection and monitoring plan        WHAT AMEA POWER IS DOING
Hydrology and erosion are among the issues      The follow-up plan must specify how to            AMEA Power is evolving from an avoided
that must be included in the site study.        protect the reforested area from threats of       deforestation strategy to a more proactive
                                                disease, infestation, fire and illegal logging,   approach that incorporates forest restoration
Stakeholder Engagement                          among others. Maintenance and assessment          and conservation within and across its
An important section of the plan is obviously   are essential to secure the reforestation.        projects. While avoiding deforestation
the stakeholder engagement. AMEA Power                                                            remains a critical priority, AMEA Power is
identify the stakeholders with a stake in       KEY PRINCIPLES                                    focusing on conservation and restoration
the provisioning, regulating and cultural       On implementing its reforestation and             efforts linked to an “offsetting” approach.
ecosystem services of forests, to distinguish   afforestation programmes, AMEA Power              The company works with Project
their characteristics, and to examine their     follow some key principles:                       Stakeholders to grow trees in the project’s
relationships towards each other on different   ✔	Recognize that the benefits of                 immediate vicinity or in nearby landscapes
levels. This also includes engagement with                                                        through agroforestry initiatives or forest
local communities, taking into account their        conservation and restoration go far           restoration projects.
                                                    beyond environmental outcomes and are
                                                    both business critical and urgent             AMEA Power has currently spent over
                                                ✔	Always develop and implement projects          250,000 USD on reforestation and
                                                    in partnership, working with diverse          afforestation programmes, planting over
                                                    stakeholder groups including NGOs,            10,000 trees across its projects in Burkina
                                                    universities, governments and local           Faso and Togo. These trees will provide vital
                                                    communities                                   ecosystem services, including shade and
                                                ✔	Build and maintain collaborative               improved soil health, while supporting AMEA
                                                    relationships with local communities          Power to build resilience to key risks of its
                                                    beyond the obligations linked to any          operations, as well as to support the local
                                                    compensation process                          community livelihood, and contribute to the
                                                ✔	Stay focused on results in terms of            climate change mitigation.
                                                    climate, nature and social benefits, not on
                                                    activities completed
                                                ✔	Invest in monitoring methods and tools
                                                    to protect forests from illegal logging and
                                                    improve the effectiveness of conservation

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