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Climate road to Paris
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Climate cure worse than disease for US water stress - study

NEWS: Bioenergy crops need more irrigation and will put pressure on water resources, models show

Paralysed by uncertainty? Index mooted to solve climate dilemma

NEWS: Setting pace of emissions cuts by observed warming could see off climate policy objections, say UK researchers

Climate change elevates threat of wildfires

NEWS: Vegetation across the globe is drying and rain patterns wavering as the chance of wildfire spreads in a warming planet

11 events that will shape the 2015 climate deal

NEWS: It’s crunch time. Here are the stepping stones to an international climate change deal 200 nations are expected to sign

Pope, Arctic and Nevada feature in Obama climate push

NEWS: White House says clean power plan is just start of new climate diplomacy push ahead of Paris summit in December

Countries agree post-2015 UN sustainable development goals

NEWS: “Urgent action to combat climate change” is part of a draft anti-poverty package gavelled through in New York on Sunday

UK total energy consumption falls below 1965 levels

ANALYSIS: Britain’s rapidly falling energy consumption spells hope that others could follow a similar path, finds Gerard Wynn

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Obama's new climate plan to boost UN talks, says White House

CRIB NOTES AUGUST 3-7: White House promises “tough” plan, Iran gets hot, oil stocks slump

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As climate change bites, Kenya water fund offers hope to farmers

ANALYSIS: Natural infrastructure is boosting Nairobi’s resilience to water extremes, but this approach can struggle to attract investment

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Good practice could get emissions close to 2C levels - study

NEWS: If all countries follow the example of the best in each sector, it brings warming target within reach, say European researchers

Peabody takes pounding, UN delivers new climate plan

WEEKLY WRAP: Coal and oil producers take a hit, shorter Paris text published, India’s climate plan comes under scrutiny

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'Tsunami of litigation' against Obama climate plan will fail, say NGOs

NEWS: Curbs on power plant emissions on solid legal foundation, say legal experts at environmental groups

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UN Security Council hears climate fears of small island states

NEWS: Unusual debate at UN HQ in New York highlights security concerns of world’s most climate vulnerable countries

Why climate change is humanity’s defining challenge

COMMENT: Maldives foreign secretary addresses UN security council during special session on development in small island states

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UK cuts undermining Paris climate talks, say green groups

NEWS: Letter to prime minister warns credibility of country is at stake as UN greenhouse gas cutting deal looms

Pentagon warns of emergency risk in melting Arctic

NEWS: US Department of Defense is calling for more resources to expand search and rescue capabilities into newly open territory