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Climate road to Paris
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Ban Ki Moon
"I'm pretty optimistic" - lead US climate lawyer on Paris talks

INTERVIEW: Susan Biniaz talks to RTCC about six words that made the US-China climate pact and working towards a Paris deal

Development goals at stake in new UN disaster risk deal

INTERVIEW: Head of UN’s risk reduction body tells RTCC proposed deal will underpin climate treaty and sustainable development goal

Obama and Modi promise to back strong UN climate pact

NEWS: Leaders present cooperation package covering clean energy, nuclear, air pollution and Paris climate summit

Arctic still profitable despite $50 oil - Statoil

NEWS: Norwegian oil major rebuts notion that Greenland withdrawal is evidence of “carbon bubble”

Ban Ki-moon: Lack of focus on green investment "troubling"

NEWS: UN chief confident “robust” climate deal will be delivered in Paris but demands end to high carbon infrastructure projects

Hollande calls for global "solidarity" in fight against climate change

NEWS: French president calls for global alliance of political leaders, businessmen and NGOs ahead of UN Paris conference

Doomsday clock: climate and nuclear arsenals push disaster closer

BLOG: Scientists say combination of rising emissions and expanding nuclear capabilities are making Earth more dangerous

UN ready to receive national climate plans for 2015 deal

NEWS: UN’s climate body launches website for countries to submit their contributions to Paris treaty

Modi to seek US backing for India clean energy development

ANALYSIS: Carbon cuts unlikely to be on agenda at key US-India meeting, but discussions will focus on access to green energy technologies

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Queenslanders urged to 'vote for the reef' not coal

NEWS: Next week’s state election critical for Galilee Basin coal mines, the Great Barrier Reef and the climate

Climate still seen as niche issue at World Economic Forum

INTERVIEW: Debate over slashing carbon emissions is not breaking into wider economic conversations, warns World Bank climate chief

European lawmakers fail to approve carbon market reforms

NEWS: Future of the EU flagship climate policy remains uncertain after inconclusive industrial committee vote

State Department asks Disney for climate change Frozen spin-off

NEWS: US Arctic representative in talks with film executives over educational climate project starring Frozen characters

Sea level rise faster than feared, say scientists

NEWS: Harvard researchers find that there has been an almost threefold annual increase in global sea levels over the last quarter of a century

US Senate agrees climate change is not a hoax, but split on causes

NEWS: Nearly half of all top lawmakers in Washington DC reject latest climate science and deny human link to warming temperatures

Fate of EU carbon market hangs in the balance

NEWS: European lawmakers vote on critical reforms to the emissions trading system on Thursday