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NEWS: The Advertising Standards Authority has banned an advert promoting “clean coal” as a solution to energy poverty

SKETCH: Green start-ups can win big money in the EU-backed Climate-KIC competition. But are the judges after style or substance?

NEWS: The Asian Development Bank warns economic cost of climate change will challenge efforts to lift people out of poverty

NEWS: Earth Overshoot Day arrives one day earlier than 2013, marking the date global consumption exceeds production

NEWS: Last month’s average temperature was 16.44C. That’s 0.64C above the 20th century average

NEWS: Poland’s climate change minister says the coal-intensive nation can be a model for developing countries

NEWS: Vote in Madhya Pradesh village will decide whether ancient forest is cleared for mining project

BLOG: Actions take place in London, Swansea, Salford and Blackpool against government decision to censor shale gas study

NEWS: Renewable Energy Target could face scrapheap as Canberra takes fresh swipe at climate laws

NEWS: As Julian Assange prepares to leave his hideaway, we recall the top Wikileaks releases on climate change

INTERVIEW: The climate disaster narrative hasn’t worked. Ignorance is bliss. So how do experts plan do wake up the world?

NEWS: Latin American nation hopes tough environmental rules could assist its ambitions to gain OECD status

NEWS: Plans are afoot to move an entire town to the mainland as climate impacts threaten to wipe out Taro Island

NEWS: Technology alone will not cut transport emissions enough, say researchers – the rich must travel less

INTERVIEW: Climate scientists can learn from weather forecasters about giving practical advice, says meteorological expert

COMMENT: As they age, Pacific youth could watch their homelands sink to a watery myth. They’re not going down without a fight

NEWS: Tar sands and deep sea oil projects are bad for business as well as the environment, analysts warn