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NEWS: America’s ranchers and indigenous people descend on Washington to persuade Obama to reject polluting pipeline

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Thousands have died by the conflict in Syria, but severe drought in the region is heaping added misery on people

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NEWS: Organisers want owners of Brazilian offset credits to help reduce environmental impact of football tournament

NEWS: Efforts to stop warming above 1.5C no longer possible, says Edenhofer, with dire consequences for small island states

NEWS: Manuel Pulgar Vidal targets small successes at COP20 in December, citing consensus-building as key goal

NEWS: Data submitted to UN reveals US is over halfway to meeting its 2020 climate change target

NEWS: Household solar systems in Japan and US accounted for $21.2bn of investments in Q1 of 2014

NEWS: Congo Basin will warm 50% faster due to deforestation in world’s second largest rain forest, says new research

ANALYSIS: Latest IPCC report highlights level of ambition required to slash carbon emissions 50% by 2050

NEWS: IPCC study offers new focus on regional groupings, smoothing historical divide between global north and south

NEWS: Influx of right wing climate sceptics after May election could see EU’s plans to decarbonise weakened