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NASA CO2 map reveals impact of forest clearance

BLOG: Springtime burning of savannah and forest in the southern hemisphere shows up in latest satellite images

Blog, Learning
It's time countries took climate-linked migration seriously

COMMENT: Climate negotiations must take increased human mobility into account, argues the head of the International Organization for Migration

Comment & Analysis
Arctic warming "twice as fast" as anywhere else on Earth

NEWS: Sea ice levels showing signs of recovery, but rising temperatures spell radical change for polar region

Is the UN's climate change body still fit for purpose?

COMMENT: It’s time for global climate negotiations to deliver results, argues Saleemul Huq, reflecting on the recent Lima set of talks

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Washington state carbon market plan to raise $1bn a year

NEWS: Governor Jay Inslee hopes to launch emissions trading system in 2016, says it is “the smart thing to do”

Rise in weather extremes linked to climate change, say scientists

NEWS: Lethal heat waves, ice storms and big freezes could become regular events if greenhouse gas emissions are not controlled

Seven radical ideas for a 2015 climate change deal

ANALYSIS: Tax oil, wipe out emissions by 2050, divide up a carbon budget: how high could the Paris climate agreement aim?

Tropical deforestation could cause 0.7C temperature rise

NEWS: Rainforests are the “sweat glands” of the world and losses could wreak havoc with farming, researchers warn

From Kalimantan to Lima: Where do women stand in climate?

ANALYSIS: Female representation in UN climate talks is increasing; on the ground, women are still marginalised

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EU decides to ratify Kyoto Protocol extension

NEWS: Move by Brussels offers some integrity to beleaguered treaty, one year before UN hopes to agree global climate deal

Beijing reveals bottom-up approach to national carbon market

NEWS: Chinese central government will set regional caps on emissions and leave distribution of permits to provincial authorities

People power central to solving Latin America's air pollution crisis

COMMENT: Citizen-led initiatives in the developing world have the potential to transform cities for the good

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2014 likely to be Europe's warmest since 1500s

NEWS: Calls for climate compensation from top polluters likely to grow as odds on warming years plummet

Beaver resurgence ups climate warming methane emissions

NEWS: Since the decline of fur trapping, beaver populations have exploded, increasing methane generation from dammed ponds

Greenpeace promises to make amends for Nazca Lines stunt

NEWS: The Peruvian government is seeking to extradite activists who damaged world heritage site, on charges that carry 6-year jail sentence

Australia will respond to climate pressure - David Cameron

NEWS: UK prime minister calls on Canberra to step up and make a greater contribution to cutting climate-warming emissions