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oland, for the second time in a very short period, has the honour to
host the United Nations Conference on Climate Change. We will do
Pour utmost to ensure that this year’s summit is successful both in
terms of content and organisation.

We know how important Warsaw is on the climate policy map. We face a
huge challenge. With our meeting, we continue a journey towards the frst-
ever agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to apply to nearly 200
countries – Parties to the Convention. The success of the COP21 conference
in Paris will be built largely on what is agreed in Warsaw.

The goal we set for ourselves in connection with the organisation of COP19
is to elaborate a schedule between Warsaw and Paris and discuss main
elements of the new agreement. This is the foundation we want to prepare
and as we all know it is the foundations that form the base for a house. They
might not be spectacular or even visible, but they determine the sustainability
of a building. The situation is similar in case of the climate agreement. The
stronger the base we will all prepare in Warsaw but also next year in Lima at
COP20, the stronger the global deal we all so determined to have.

My priority as the President of COP19 is to ensure that the process of
negotiations in Warsaw proceeds in a democratic and transparent way
making the Parties and other partners feel responsible for their contribution.
I want to make sure that the work on the development of the agreement
addresses the interests of all, providing a balance between the developed
and the developing countries. I believe we can succeed only if we generate a
trustworthy environment for all parties to feel safe and sure that their positions
will be respected and properly refected in the agreement.

Poland understands well how to implement climate mitigation measures in
combination with sound growth policy. Poland has rich achievements in this
area. Throughout the past 20 years, we have managed to reduce our GHG
emissions by more than 30% more than doubling our growth indicators at
the same time reducing poverty and increasing considerably welfare of our
society. We reduced the amount of pollutants emitted into the air and water,
developed new, environment-friendly jobs. These successes encourage us
to continue on our path. We also want to share the success and experience
with other countries, which, as Poland before, embark on this challenging
adventure towards a sustainable economy.

The success of the COP19 summit will not be accomplished without
involvement of all parties that have infuence, without you. That is why I count
on your help and commitment. The statement that the fate of our planet lies
in our hands, in relation to the negotiations of the global climate agreement,
certainly is not an empty truism. See you in Warsaw.
Marcin Korolec, COP19 President

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