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Cities and regions

red colomBiA

verde: wHere


meets Business

Colombian families committed to have a regional joint operation that operates through fve regional nodes and 10 sub
addressing the causes of climate change nodes. The commitment of the Red Colombia Verde is to make a sustainable use of
biodiversity and natural resources.

Red Colombia Verde is a 41-strong business Cooperation
organisation with a deep community base. We support partner organizations to make continuous innovation improvement
of production and processing of products such as coffee, cocoa, honey, brown
It is a leader in the Biotrade and the Green Markets, sugar, natural ingredients, Amazon exotic fruits, roots and tubers, fruits, vegetables,
and a contributor to organizations to reduce the effects orellanas, aromatic and medicinal plants, rubber, handicrafts, bio-products and
of climate change, validating the work they have done tourism services. We generate a fair trade for producers and consumers, ensuring
daily for over two decades “to recover traditional and people can consume certifed products.
ancestral knowledge of agriculture production”.
We have built organizational strategies to strengthen the development and
The ‘Red’ leads the sustainable use and development management capacity of Red Colombia Verde and of its partners through the
of natural resources and biodiversity, issues related to implementation of activities of information, communication and exchange of
non-timber products, timber, farming, agro-ecological, experience.
organic agriculture, biotechnology, manufactured
products less polluting, clean technologies and impact This is how we lead the implementation of technologies and processing, through
mitigation equipment, environmental education, peer training using virtual education and Technological Tours Business. This allows
integrated solid waste management. developed organizations to help those that are beginning their process to boost their
We integrate rural populations, peasants, Indians
and Afro-Colombians from all regions of the country. These strategies have led to community-based organizations with business vision,
Geographically we have a presence in 16 departments achieving high quality products allowing them to be competitive domestically and
and 55 municipalities, we support 33,217 families and internationally.

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