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in favour of


Brazil’s multinationals can see the opportunities presented by a low carbon
transition, no one more so than feet management experts Ecofrotas

The numbers speak for themselves: food giant BRF has reduced greenhouse gas combined with the most innovative element in feet
emissions by 44% for its feet and increased vehicle availability by 45%; Votorantim management – sustainable management fostered by
obtained a drop of 25% in conventional pollutant emissions; Grupo EcoRodovias, one Ecofrotas.
of Brazil’s largest infrastructure and logistics groups, replaced gasoline with ethanol
and emits less carbonic gas into the atmosphere. A market leader in the country, the company is a specialist
in developing effcient solutions for the challenging tasks
These experiences in favour of the environment, the reduction of economic costs and of its clients in reducing the impacts of their feets.
social gains present effciency indexes thanks to the strategic vision of corporations

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