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Mural of late leader Hugo Chavez who took ofce in 1999 and died in 2013. Photo: © David Hernández l

Almost three-quarters of the country’s electricity generaton comes in any other country,” she said. “We are undergoing a revoluton in
from hydropower, although neglect in the face of high running costs how we manage nature.”
had seen diesel-fred plants imported to stem frequent blackouts, oil or more oil
Dallen told RTCC.
In the absence of clear plans for green growth, politcians across the
No very large hydro plants are planned for the next ten years, spectrum contnue to look to oil for economic salvaton.
according to the Hydropower & Dams World Atlas. And more Chavez natonalised the assets of Exon Mobil, ConocoPhillips and
frequent droughts as the planet overheats undercut the reliability of
water fow as a source. other foreign oilers. Chevron, Repsol, Eni have pledged to tap the
Orinoco basin, though companies are in no hurry to get there, given
Clean energy the weak investment environment.
Edwards said Venezuela could work together with other Latn Maduro’s popularity is waning, which could give an opening to the
American countries to advance the climate agenda. Uruguay seeks to
get 95% of its electricity from renewables this year, while Peru and centrist oppositon leader Henrique Capriles.
Chile are targetng solar and wind power. But a change at the top would be unlikely to diminish enthusiasm for
oil, said Dallen. “The twist of irony is the return of a government that
There is litle sign of Venezuela joining that movement.
respects property rights and brings investment will lead to more oil
Indeed, it has come under fre for demotng its environment ministry, producton.”
the frst of its kind in Latn America, to become part of the ministry of Salerno is unapologetc.
housing, habitat and “ecosocialism”.
“Oil is one of the most marvellous energies in the world. In 200 years
Salerno insisted the move strengthened the green agenda;
transformaton of the country’s energy matrix going hand in hand it’s going to be used for medicine, science, going to the moon,” she
with the “chavista project” to develop rural economies.
“It is precious and must be saved for glorious ends, not for making
“This interconnectvity between economy and ecology doesn’t occur
bags to carry back from the market.” 69
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