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with orphaned children. Today the foundaton has
two centres providing homes to 350 children untl
their adopton.
Beyond its industrial vocaton, Diana Holding
takes its Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility
Company seriously. It has been an ofcial partner
of the Cœur de Gazelles associaton since 2010.
A non-proft organizaton, Cœur de Gazelles
arose out of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du
Moroc in 2001.
The associaton is deeply commited to providing
local people with the help they need while
fostering sustainable development. By working
with and for the most disadvantaged its actons Children at one of the centres. Photo: © Foundaton Rita Zniber.
enable local people to become agents of their
own development.
Diana Holding is convinced that its future
depends on having a real commitment to the
community, whilst keeping the environment at
the heart of its concerns.

Source: Company informaton, 2014 consolidated fnancial statements
Note: 1. Revenues on consolidated basis

Photo: © Jean-Marc Astesana.

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