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12 Philips: Connected lighting – welcome to the future 12

South Africa: Committed to clean and climate resilient economic growth 14

Philip Morris (PMI): Achieving goals through stakeholder collaboration 26

Thales Alenia Space: How data can illuminate long-term challenges 32

ESA: Observing change from space 34

REC Solar: Leading Europe’s drive for clean power 36

37 Yves Rocher: Positive footprints in an evolving world 37
GEF: Financing a greener, cleaner and safer planet 42

Agrobanco: The development of Peru’s green bank 45
Maringá: Welcome to Brazil’s garden city 49

Alpine Convention: Can the Alps adapt to climate change? 52

Trinidad & Tobago: From gas to green; meet the islanders driving change 54

Regione Abruzzo: Italy’s greenest region reveals its secrets 56

SEdATu: Transforming social building in Mexico 59

Benin: How renewables are transforming Africa’s energy mix 62

diana Holding: How conglomerates can perfect their CSR stratgies 74

denso: Motoring solutions for a greener world 76
74 Mobility INT: Shared cars – the future of urban transport 78

Ecofrotas: Brazil’s green fleet management company 81

Petroamazonas: It’s time to back climate talk with hard cash 82

NEST AS: Solutions for large-scale renewable energy storage 85

Suema: Mexico City’s greener, cleaner future 88

ESSA: High in sodium, low in carbon 91
91 Think Space: Why green aesthetics must be at the heart of design 94 7
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