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                                                             16    So the Paris deal enters into force: then what?

                                                             18    Why the new climate math is a declaration of war

                                                             20    Climate wars: is the Sahel the first battle zone?

                                                             22    Solar Saudis: Riyadh bows to the inevitable
                                                             24    Our global commons: the GEF outlines its 2017
                                                             28      Lighting revolution: LED transition could save
                                                                   billions in energy costs

                                                             32      Meet the bank leading Egypt’s sustainable
                                                                   finance sector
                                                             34      Poles ahead: What role can aluminium play in the
                                                                   green transition?

                                                             38      Can pollution-killing paints clean up our

                                                             40      Concentrated sun: ACWA unveils its energy plan
                                                                   for Africa

                                                             42      When micro goes macro: Lessons from Peru on
                                                                   farming finance

                                                             44      Turning sewage into water: the Australian
                                                                   company cleaning the oceans

                                                             46      Death by a thousand cuts: Charcoal and
                                                                   deforestation in Haiti

                                                             52      Green freight: a zero emission future for long haul
                                                                   transport is possible

                                                             54      When risk = opportunity: How business and
                                                                   communities can deliver clean water

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