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Climate road to Paris
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BRICs group to expand environmental cooperation

NEWS: Leading emerging economies say they want to deepen ties on renewable energy and explore ways to finance green growth

Pleas to protect Arctic as polar summit begins

NEWS: Arctic Council states handed document signed by scientists and Nobel Laureates urging oil-free future as retreating ice caps attract exploration and industrial fishing

UK would be a climate leader with me in power, says Miliband

NEWS: Challenger for Number 10 Downing Street says current government has not taken global warming seriously

SOAS first London university to divest from fossil fuels

NEWS: University will phase out £1.5 million holdings in oil and gas equities within three years, to highlight climate threat

Climate change weekly wrap (April #4) - news, video and analysis

All you need to know from the last seven days of international climate change and energy politics

How do US Senators' climate convictions square with voters?

BLOG: Congressmen more likely to believe in man-made global warming if states they represent too back its existence, study shows

Canada's 2015 budget spurns climate change

NEWS: Harper Government omits any reference to global warming or carbon dioxide emissions, while oil gets 108

Don't judge Paris on level of carbon cuts, say top emitters

NEWS: Lasting regime for assessing climate action more important to global deal this December than upfront pledges, Major Economies Forum concludes

John Kerry urges climate focus, bids to avert Arctic melt

NEWS: Climate change to take centre stage as US assumes leadership of Arctic region’s governing body

Artificial trees and nanotechnology: climate saviours?

NEWS: US scientists are making progress on radical methods to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and neutralise emissions

A 7-step plan to avoid stranding your fossil fuel assets

BLOG: Most coal, oil and gas must stay in the ground to avert climate disaster. What is an energy company to do? We’re here to help

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Earth's oceans have economic value of $24 trillion, says WWF

NEWS: Green campaign group warns valuable natural resource is threatened by pollution, overfishing and climate change

Lampedusa tragedy shows need for humane climate migration plan

COMMENT: Climate change will result in more people crossing borders; they must be given a safe, legal route to do so

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China's electricity could go 85% renewable by 2050 - study

NEWS: Emissions will peak by 2025 if wind, solar and bioenergy are rolled out quickly, finds Chinese government report

Marshall Islands move to shake up shipping on emissions

ANALYSIS: As the world’s third biggest ship registry, Majuro government has maritime clout and could push through emissions curbs

8 things Earth Day ever did for the environment

BLOG: The first eco-protest to go viral turns 45 today. We look back at the environmental movement’s greatest achievements