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ANALYSIS: Efforts to revive traditional knowledge in Kyrgyzstan are safeguarding its wild walnut forests for future generations

NEWS: Frequent droughts and late monsoons are wearing down the ability of Himalayan growers to maintain crops

TRANSCRIPT: US Senator takes issue with Congress sceptics who blocked a resolution acknowledging climate change

NEWS: Indigenous people and San Francisco start-up are using old smartphones to monitor illegal logging

NEWS: UK student campaign against oil, gas and coal holdings gathers pace with two universities considering divesting

INTERVIEW: While debate rages across the US over President Obama’s carbon cuts, one small east-coast state has taken a lead

ANALYSIS: White House unleashes Obama, Kerry and Podesta in new bid to win public support for carbon cuts

NEWS: Advisor to President Obama to attend Pacific Islands Forum, alongside EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton

NEWS: Governor Jay Inslee prepares second attempt at developing cap and trade scheme in north west state

NEWS: Joint working agreement between Mexico and California covers carbon pricing, renewable energy and deforestation

NEWS: US secretary of state urges greater US-India cooperation on clean energy ahead of Delhi summit

COMMENT: Indigenous people have the solutions to climate change. They should be allowed to speak out at the UN climate talks

THE GUARDIAN: Energy and climate change committee says UN climate science panel processes have improved since last major report

NEWS: UN plea for food aid to the Sahel as scientific studies flag up climate change threat to food production

NEWS: Leaders from Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and other communities to gather ahead of Ban Ki-moon climate summit

NEWS: Farming adaptation on agenda as higher average temperatures cause crop yield fall on the Indo-Gangetic plain

NEWS: Scientists believe they may have found explanations for two inconsistencies in their understanding of global warming