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Climate road to Paris
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Middle East faces 'extreme' water stress by 2040

NEWS: Shifting rainfall patterns and rising populations could drive conflict in many countries, warns World Resources Institute

Farmers on four continents tell their climate change stories

BLOG: From Cuzco to Andhra Pradesh, crop growers and livestock owners are feeling the impacts of shifting weather patterns

Can Merkel’s visit to Brazil make waves for climate action?

ANALYSIS: Four experts break down the German chancellor’s trip, which tackled Brazil’s low carbon future and the Paris summit

What does China's Black Monday mean for the climate?

NEWS: Shanghai stock market crash will have rippling impacts on emissions, the green economy and Paris negotiations

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'Targeted punishment' strategy mooted to prevent climate free-riding

NEWS: Model based on game theory could boost cooperation between countries on emissions cuts, say researchers

US Navy invests in world's largest solar farm

NEWS: Mesquite 210MW project soon to be overtaken by Indian and Chinese mega-arrays, as cheap solar panels compete with coal

Why restoring degraded land is crucial to the climate

COMMENT: A new UN fund is aiming to cut emissions from bad land management and improve food, energy and water security

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Philippines is excluding vulnerable voices from climate consultation

COMMENT: Government is ignoring the people hardest hit by global warming with an unambitious and insincere national pledge

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Peruvian relatives of murdered forest defenders win land title

NEWS: A year after four Ashéninka men were killed by illegal loggers, their community has secured rights to the territory

8 ways to cut the carbon footprint of your dinner

BLOG: From farm to plate, food accounts for up to a third of global emissions – so how can you limit the impact?

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Hi-res models capture West Antarctic ice melt danger

NEWS: Precision mapping of melting glaciers can help predict potentially calamitous effects on sea levels, say scientists

Bolivia plans anti-capitalist climate summit to sway Paris

NEWS: South American firebrand Evo Morales is organising an October meeting to discuss capitalism’s destruction of the environment

Financial gatekeepers are blocking green investment - study

NEWS: Pension funds and investment consultants are passive on climate risk and locked into short-termism, say researchers

What will a decent climate finance package in Paris look like?

ANALYSIS: It’s one of the major bottlenecks to a robust agreement in Paris. We asked six experts what’s in store

Russia, Ukraine dodgy carbon offsets cost the climate - study

NEWS: UN-backed scheme increased greenhouse gas emissions by 600Mt CO2e, researchers have found, due to accounting flaws

India primed for renewables spurt in climate plan

NEWS: World’s fourth-largest carbon polluter could target 300GW of clean capacity by 2030 in anticipated pledge to UN deal