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John Kerry: "Nature is screaming at us"

NEWS: US secretary of state pledges US$15 million to World Bank scheme to curb methane emissions

Half the globe backs World Bank carbon price movement

NEWS: Shell, Nokia and Lego are among 1,000 businesses to join governments in support of carbon pricing

Antarctic sea ice reaches record high, as Arctic hits 2014 minimum

NEWS: As Arctic ice reaches its annual low point, scientists puzzle over increasing sea ice in the Antarctic

Looming China policy may decide coal market fate

ANALYSIS: The future for coal producers will hinge on the world’s largest emitter and its next five-year plan

Comment & Analysis
New York's long walk: The day the climate movement found its mojo

BLOG: Human tidal wave hits the Big Apple as pressure on world leaders to curb carbon emissions starts to grow

New York climate march numbers stun organisers as key summit looms

NEWS: Campaigner Bill Mckibben says anger has “boiled over”, UN climate chief warns change now inevitable

London's climate march was a carnival for all

COMMENT: Talking about climate change no longer makes you the person to avoid at parties, says RTCC’s Sophie Yeo. At today’s march, those people were the party

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Earth has 30 years before carbon budget is blown

NEWS: Emissions set to rise 2.5% in 2015 say researchers, with China and India driving new CO2 growth

Global day of action as hundreds of thousands march for the climate

BLOG: Thousands of people are showing their support for climate action in marches across the world, culminating in New York

Population explosion lowers chance of managing climate change

NEWS: Analysis shows 80% probability that planet’s population will rise this century, with serious implications and climate change

Twitter watch: Who to follow at UN climate summit

BLOG: Keep an eye on these Twitter accounts to keep afloat of the Ban Ki-moon #TwitterStorm

Ban Ki-moon climate summit: a bluffer's guide

ANALYSIS: Leaders from all corners of the globe will be in New York for a one-off climate meeting. Here’s what you need to know

Devolved powers for Scotland could boost low-carbon energy

NEWS: Scotland can continue its low carbon ambitions as part of a still-united UK, says climate organisation

Greg Barker handed new role as UK envoy on climate change

NEWS: Former UK climate change minister Greg Barker will join prime minister David Cameron in New York

Why I'm marching for climate change this weekend

INTERVIEW: RTCC speaks to five fresh faces on the climate scene on what has inspired them to march at the weekend

Norway to pledge US$300m for forest protection

NEWS: Peru’s lead climate negotiator says Ban Ki-moon climate summit will catalyse action such as Norway deal

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