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Climate road to Paris
Oil firm
Saudi Arabia solar power exports 'absolutely realistic'

NEWS: Desert state has abundance of sunshine and could produce more than it consumes, says power company boss

Europe needs new energy policy as nuclear giants stumble

ANALYSIS: French-led nuclear industry faces unpromising future after string of technical faults, cost overruns and delays

World Bank sets methane price floor to cut emissions

NEWS: Initiative aims to drive investment in bioenergy and waste management in poor countries, limiting potent greenhouse gas emissions

Carbon pricing winning favour with tiger economies

NEWS: As China readies nationwide carbon trading market, the likes of South Africa and Kazakhstan are developing carbon pricing

'Forgotten' forests need climate cash to halt emissions

ANALYSIS: Forest clearance counts for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions but cash is not yet flowing to protect trees

Comment & Analysis
WHO calls for clean energy to tackle air pollution

NEWS: UN health body adopts “landmark resolution” to tackle toxic particles from sources like coal plants and diesel engines

Can carbon pricing be a climate saviour?

ANALYSIS: Businesses and top officials in Barcelona for the Carbon Expo support moves to make polluters pay, but don’t expect miracles

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Investors worth $12trn call for long term carbon target

NEWS: Chiefs of 120 funds urge G7 finance ministers to back emissions phase-out in Paris climate deal due this December

David Cameron recruits climate hawk for top UK policy post

NEWS: Prime minister appoints Sunday Times columnist and green growth advocate Camilla Cavendish to head up policy unit

Stop demonising oil and gas companies, says UN climate chief

NEWS: Christiana Figueres tells business leaders efforts by fossil fuel companies to green their operations should be welcomed

Tropical storms get fiercer with climate change - study

NEWS: Typhoons and hurricanes are getting less frequent with human-caused global warming, but more intense, latest research confirms

Sense of 'inevitability' over carbon pricing - World Bank climate envoy

NEWS: Greenhouse gas taxes and markets worth some US$50 billion worldwide, says report, with interest growing ahead of Paris climate pact

Millions of businesses call for zero carbon shift

NEWS: More than 6.5 companies back call on policymakers to set a path to go carbon neutral “well before the end of the century”

Axa to ditch €500m of coal holdings in 2015

NEWS: At Climate Week Paris, French insurer announces biggest fossil fuel divestment push to date, encouraging others to follow

Business, Energy
Climate change threat demands reform to financial system - UNEP

NEWS: ‘Stress tests’ for international finance from rising climate impacts, as UN report calls for banking cultural shift

Low carbon experts mull iconic buildings for green makeovers

ANALYSIS: Notre Dame or a Durban township? Sustainability advocates are divided on the best way to push the energy efficiency message