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Climate road to Paris
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Ban Ki Moon
Why climate hawks need to prepare their arsenals

COMMENT: Is it time to think about using force to prevent nations and groups from contributing to climate change?

Developing countries close to taking lead in clean energy race

NEWS: Renewables close to supplying 10% of global electricity supply says UN report, as China’s solar surge continues

Business, Technology
Climate deadline day: Which countries delivered Paris pledges?

AS IT HAPPENED: UN receives first set of national commitments for Paris climate change pact

Breaking News
Coral v coal: Is the Great Barrier Reef in danger?

ANALYSIS: Permits for new coal ports on the Queensland coast are at odds with efforts to keep the reef off Unesco’s “endangered” list

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Chile faces "critical situation" as floods and droughts batter country

NEWS: Citizens describe environmental catastrophe as rains batter the north while the south suffers drought and wildfires

Accountability must be at the heart of the Paris climate pact

COMMENT: National pledges must be subject to assessment and review, or a UN deal will be toothless

Comment & Analysis
Tougher climate pledges 'could save millions of lives'

NEWS: Goals to clean up energy production and transport will also cut air pollution and save countries billions in fossil fuel imports, say scientists

Shipping sector needs stronger climate policy - scientists

NEWS: Stringent measures are needed for shipping to make a fair contribution to global emissions cuts, researchers argue

Anglican bishops lead Holy week call for global climate action

NEWS: Church leaders write to 85 million strong congregation urging them to call for tough UN pact to address global warming

Australia 'risks climate credibility' with coal-friendly target

NEWS: Canberra is considering a post-2020 emissions goal based on a “disastrous” level of warming, analysts warn

Climate change likely to reduce China's food supplies, warns official

NEWS: Senior Chinese official warns that climate-related temperature rises could seriously affect the country’s harvests

Shrinking Antarctic ice shelf raises sea level concerns

NEWS: Evidence of rapid reduction of West Antarctica’s shelf ice could have serious implications for global sea levels in a warming world

Major companies use lobby groups to water down EU climate policy - study

NEWS: Businesses should reconsider links with trade associations hostile to climate action, argues Policy Studies Institute

US set for Paris climate pledge as UN deadline draws near

NEWS: Washington primed to outline scale of carbon cuts but other developed countries and emerging economies stay silent

Mexico releases pledge for 2015 UN climate change pact

NEWS: Pena Nieto’s government joins EU, Norway and Switzerland in releasing contribution ahead of March 31 deadline

Scientists develop extreme beans to withstand intense heat

NEWS: Researchers say new varieties of a tropical crop essential to people’s survival in Africa and Latin America