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NEWS: Governor Jay Inslee prepares second attempt at developing cap and trade scheme in north west state

THE GUARDIAN: Energy and climate change committee says UN climate science panel processes have improved since last major report

NEWS: UN plea for food aid to the Sahel as scientific studies flag up climate change threat to food production

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NEWS: Farming adaptation on agenda as higher average temperatures cause crop yield fall on the Indo-Gangetic plain

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From the Arctic ice to the Amazonian rainforest, climate change is threatening the homes and traditions of indigenous people

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NEWS: Pressure on UN-backed body increases as it searches for initial capitalization of $15 billion

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NEWS: Hugging huskies will not solve ‘ultimate challenge’ of climate change, UK Labour leader says in plea for end to photo-op politics

NEWS: NASA satellite data reveals record water level drop in the Colorado River Basin, as drought is linked to climate change

NEWS: Grey and harbour seals appear to enjoy wind farms, foraging at individual turbines

NEWS: Greenhouse gases continued to climb, with concentrations of major gases reaching historically high levels say scientists

ANALYSIS: Twelve months on from the battle of Balcombe, Britain is little closer to exploiting its shale gas reserves

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NEWS: Polluting coal plants will stay open unless policymakers act, say campaigners