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NEWS: Congo’s forests facing chronic water stress say scientists, potentially affecting native species

NEWS: Ireland’s climate change bill establishes advisory climate body and commits government to five-year reports

NEWS: ADB says focus will be on finance readiness, so countries can apply for Green Climate Fund backing later this year

NEWS: Tony Abbott’s ‘direct action’ policy could fail to pass Senate, leaving country’s carbon cutting plans in limbo

NEWS: Climate debate skewed by “uncontrollable” donations from vested interests, says former US president

NEWS: America’s ranchers and indigenous people descend on Washington to persuade Obama to reject polluting pipeline

NEWS: Minister for Energy announces measures to drive development of coal fields, in face of cheaper gas and clean energy options

NEWS: Secretary General’s Earth Day message calls on people to “encourage” heads of state ahead of UN summit in September

NEWS: Strong policy mechanisms needed to keep China on track to reduce emissions intensity 17% by 2015, says NDRC chief

Thousands have died by the conflict in Syria, but severe drought in the region is heaping added misery on people

NEWS: Pope should use influence to encourage institutions to remove their funds from fossil fuel industry, write religious groups

NEWS: Economic growth is compatible with tackling climate change, says leader of ‘Stern Review 2′ report on climate economics

COMMENT: Former UK chief climate diplomat John Ashton reflects on what campaigners can learn from St Cuthbert

ANALYSIS: Funding low carbon investments in developing countries lies at the core of UN talks – but it’s not impossible

NEWS: Organisers want owners of Brazilian offset credits to help reduce environmental impact of football tournament

NEWS: Efforts to stop warming above 1.5C no longer possible, says Edenhofer, with dire consequences for small island states

NEWS: Manuel Pulgar Vidal targets small successes at COP20 in December, citing consensus-building as key goal